Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass

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A little advice for each zodiac sign to start their week off right. Good Luck ya’ll it’s a jungle


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Sassy Advice for that Zodiac Ass

Horoscopes for December 12-6-12-13-2021 :

Let’s Look at our Air Signs first: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini

Oh, dear. Heyyy my fellow air signs heyyyy. I heard some spirits talking about y’all this december. Let’s talk about how we aren’t going to over spend on others without buying ourselves a gift first. I know we all want to spread the “merry joy” around. But, air signs don’t let these people fool you. Those gifts you are stackin for others make sure they will be giving gifts in exchange. Your most precious gift will be time this holiday season. Don’t waste it on someone who won’t make you apart of their universe.

Horoscopes for December 12-6-12-13-2021:

Let’s Look at our water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

My Water babies are BACK.

I felt like with this Sagittarius season y’all have gone into collective hiding. Trust me as an air sign I feel you. I want to go into hiding as well. But, spirit had a message for you guys too. Stay strong and be less of a hermit this month. I promise you will learn from the experience of others you will be able to dive into your emotions but not too deeply.

Horoscopes for December 12-6-2021-12-13-2021:

Horoscopes for December let’s look at our fire signs: Leo, Aries Sagittarius:

Hello fire signs, now is a time to not be impulsive, This time of the year is yes about family gathering. Make an effort to listen from a distance. Don’t get involved with the family drama this holiday no matter how spicy we may think it is. People will try and test you don’t fall for it. It will be hard to not put others in their place. But, make the effort, avoid alcohol if you can during this time. Drink once you are home and safe.

Horoscopes for December:12-6-12-13-2021

Let’s look at our earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:

Our beautiful earth signs.. How are ya’ll doing? I feel like this is the point I should check in with you guys and ask how things are going, blink twice if we are not okay. I know ya’ll are the most grounded in the zodiac sign but being around all the rest of us who don’t share the same naturally clear out look on life, can be fucking draining. When you are feeling over whelmed or too drained step outside. Renew your connection to the earth and find your center. People crave what you earth signs naturally have which is stability and an level outlook on life. Y’all always know what you want and you move forward come hell or high water.

That is your reading for this week my readers. I truly hope you enjoy this and are having a wonderful day. Wherever you are.

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