Psychic Chronicles Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead

Today, we’re going to answer a question about speaking with the dead using tarot as a vehicle to do so. The question was this: “Can you use tarot to communicate with a recently passed away loved one?” The original question and link the the Reddit board is linked above. Talking To Dead People: Part Two- UsingContinue reading “Psychic Chronicles Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead”

Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023

Welcome back to the blog my witchy friends and happy astro new year. The portal is opening for us here. We start over today and I’m so excited for it. Today is the beginning of the spring equinox! We are going into Aries season and this is the redo we all need from this relativelyContinue reading “Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023”

Open Letter To The Air Signs

Hello, I’m Alexa,  I’m a tarot reader and writer. Today, I’ve been instructed to write letters to the signs. I’ve been instructed to “write” for a while now. But, I’m just now finding the space and time to get to these elusive moments to write. I wanted to start with the air signs because that’sContinue reading “Open Letter To The Air Signs”

Psychic Chronicles: Talking To Dead People

Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys. Welcome to a new series onContinue reading “Psychic Chronicles: Talking To Dead People”

Four Ways To Manifest With A journal

As far back as I can remember I’ve always seen my mother writing little notes here and there. She kept notes all the time on every thought that would enter her mind. Time eventually would go on and I’d spy her with coffee in hand, heading out to our back porch with the morning newsContinue reading “Four Ways To Manifest With A journal”

New Moon in Sagittarius Let’s Go.

This is also the perfect time of year start pulling cards for yourself daily and start a practice to get you ready for your next walk around the sun for what ever that is gonna look like for you. For this blog post I thought it would be great to share a new moon tarot spread I do for myself when the moon is swinging into Sag season baby. For most of my personal tarot spreads I like them to be short and sweet and to the point.

Lunar Eclipse Season is Coming for Us and A Full Beaver Moon.

Hold onto your spiritual selves people things are about to get rocky but in a good way. This lunar eclipse goes straight into Taurus season. Taurus characteristics that come into play right now that you should try and embrace into your daily life are money, loyalty, and patience.

Guest Series: Toni

This week a guest blogger takes over and educates everyone on her beautiful view of “shadow work”. I hope you all enjoy, through out the rest of the month and into the holidays I’ll have guests on here. Have a great Halloween everyone. Understanding Shadow Work  By Toni Keniston De-mystifying the process so you canContinue reading “Guest Series: Toni”

Is The World Still Real or Are We All Waking Up?

Hey Everyone, Thanks for stopping by my neck of the internet woods. Donations keep this blog going and keep me from having to charge to have access to this content. I love FREE Things, and I know so does the next person. But, if you can please consider donating and receiving a free tarot readingContinue reading “Is The World Still Real or Are We All Waking Up?”