These are the rules for canceling your PayPal recurring subscription:

First you are in charge of cancelling your paypal recurring subscription. I will not be cancelling your subscription. You signed up for the service you the buyer are in charge of cancelling your service not me.

Two this will be a step by step guide to cancelling your recurring paypal subscription:

Log into your paypal account

Click the settings tab located near the top of the page

Click the payments tab

Click “Manage pre-approved payments.”

Click “Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow any additional instructions paypal gives you.

I will not be contacting you to see if you have cancelled your subscription. Again this is on YOU TO LOG INTO YOUR PAYPAL AND CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION THAT YOU WILLINGLY SIGNED UP FOR.

Canceling a recurring paypal invoice for payment

Question: How do I cancel my recurring paypal invoice?

Answer: You simply no longer pay it. After three automatic reminders I will no longer attempt to ask for payment. You will get an email stating I’m canceling your invoice and you must email me back stating you got this email and that you agree to your invoice being canceled you will no longer receive emails, text’s or access to the password protected information of the website.

Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for the site readings, physical goods and the witches circle subscriptions.


When purchasing readings from the website their is a 10 day turn around for readings, video readings will be given to you, either via email or I will build a webpage for you on my site if you are getting repeated readings, all readings are recorded for you to keep for your records and mine. I do not refund readings or for psychic services do to the nature of the work. If, you have more then three questions after a reading I’ll suggest that you need to schedule another session.

First of all, if there are any issues in receiving any of your content, payment disputes, etc please reach out to me first.
Any dispute will be considered/investigated by me within 2 (two) calendar months from the DATE OF RECEIPT OF INITIAL INQUIRY TO CLAIM REQUEST.
FOR EXAMPLE—if on May 11, you email me and say you didn’t get something in the month of February…your claim will not be valid nor resolved. Receipt of initial claim on May 11, means that I will look back as far as March 11 to resolve the issue.
You are responsible for checking in on and asking for your content if you do not receive it in a timely manner as I make every attempt to communicate and resolve issues before they become an issue.
Lack of communication on the part of the client {ie not responding to emails or texts when attempting to communicate timelines or updates for paid content) does not absolve you from taking responsibility for your purchased items/content. Lack of time management on the part of the client does not absolve you either. Take responsibility for your money spent and content you’ve paid for.
IT IS MINE AND MY PEERS’ EXPERIENCES that issues where refund claims that are submitted are not a single incident by the client and are, unfortunately, usually repeat occurrences. This is something, as a small business owner I cannot tolerate as those claims put a severe risk to my status as a professional as well as my livelihood.
To eliminate the issue of difficulties like this in the future, regardless if the issue has been resolved or in the process of being resolved, any claims put in to credit card companies or through PayPal will result in me blocking you through that respective service. You will also be blocked from working with me in the future at any time. 
I will not have my reputation or my status as a professional threatened or violated by a client when I take pride in my business and do everything I can in my power to provide content in a timely and respectable manner.
Take responsibility for yourself and do not blame me for your lack of time management or poor financial planning.

If, you need to file a claim or dispute and you do not contact me first, you will be blocked from working with me. In addition to after it’s been filed and you’ve emailed me. If, you do not email me before you file claims so I can attempt to resolve the issue you will be immediately blocked from working with me in the future. I also will be telling peers about your behavior so they understand.

Physical Goods:

At this time no physical goods are are being provided. When physical good come back to the shop I will update these policy’s.

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