Pick A Card Reading

Mini Tarot Readings To Start Your Day! There will be no subscriber only content today. As I’m working on manuscripts. You may look at previous posts to see the other subscriber content. I will usually have them posted daily. Let’s get ready for eclipse season baby! Messages from our dead people to the living I’mContinue reading “Pick A Card Reading”

Escape The Cold With A Thrilling Read!

The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires. Good Morning beautiful,  Hi,  My name is Lexi and I’m a professional tarot reader and dark romance writer on Kindle Vella and Good Novel.  This month is my birthday 🎈 Woohoo the big thirty four. I like to consider aging like fine wine.  This month I’d loveContinue reading “Escape The Cold With A Thrilling Read!”

Elle and Rain Are Coming To Kindle Vella

I’m so excited to announce a special project I’ve been working on for a while. Amazon has been going through a beta program with serialized fiction app called Kindle Vella. It’s where you the reader pay per episode to read a book as I write. Popping in and out as you see fit. I seeContinue reading “Elle and Rain Are Coming To Kindle Vella”

Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass

A little advice for each zodiac sign to start their week off right. Good Luck ya’ll it’s a jungle Sassy Advice for that Zodiac Ass Horoscopes for December 12-6-12-13-2021 : Let’s Look at our Air Signs first: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini Oh, dear. Heyyy my fellow air signs heyyyy. I heard some spirits talking aboutContinue reading “Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass”

Fear and Romance

Just fucking kiss already… Dear Reader, I don’t honestly expect a lot of people to read this blog. In fact I hope they don’t in a silly way. You see I’m changing things up from what I typically do. I’m starting my career path over. I’m focusing more of it on my writing. What thatContinue reading “Fear and Romance”

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