Do These Three Things When Your Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense.

Hey, Welcome back to the blog. It’s me Lexi I’m a professional tarot reader and writer. It’s nice to “see” you here. I love reading tarot cards for people and myself. But, I do know that sometimes when we are at home pulling cards we might get confused as to how the messages are relating back to our real world lives. Let me help you with m fool proof way of understanding each of my readings.

Number one: Pause and Reflect

  • Take a moment to sit with the reading and your initial reaction to it.
  • Consider your current life circumstances, emotions, and the specific question or issue you had in mind when doing the reading.
  • Sometimes, the cards may be reflecting something you’re not consciously aware of, so be open to exploring the symbolism and imagery in the cards.
photo of person holding cup

Keeping a journal of past readings seriously help’s with this as there might be a moment that I missed. I often find that these moments I’m missing tie the whole things together.

Number Two:

Ask Clarifying Questions:

  • If the reading feels confusing or vague, ask clarifying questions to the cards. For example, you can say, “Can you provide more insight into this aspect of the reading?” or “What should I focus on to better understand this situation?”
  • Pull additional cards to shed light on specific areas or cards that seem unclear

Sometimes I switch decks up to help with this. It’s okay to mix your decks. Don’t be scared.

hands touching the tarot cards on the table

Number Three:

  1. Consult a Tarot Guide or Reader:
    • If you’re still having trouble making sense of the reading, consider seeking guidance from an experienced tarot reader or consulting tarot literature and resources.
    • A knowledgeable tarot reader can provide insights into the symbolism and interpretation of the cards that may not be immediately obvious.
crop fortune teller with amulet near shiny candle
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Remember that tarot readings can sometimes be abstract or symbolic, and their meaning may become clearer over time as events unfold in your life. It’s also essential to trust your intuition and personal connection with the cards. If a particular interpretation doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to explore alternative interpretations until you find one that aligns with your intuition and the situation you’re facing.

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Let’s Talk About It: Tarot Addition

Today’s Stories

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Daily writing prompt
Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.


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Let’s Talk Tarot Addition:

One simple thing that brings me joy. Is definitely my tarot deck.

Every morning I have a ritual I partake it like the rest of the world. I need my morning coffee. But, why just be coffee? Why not make it magical instead. I try to wake up before the rest of my house but that does not always work out they way I want it too. But, when it does those moments are fucking glorious . I encourage everyone who cohabitates with people to get up in silence at least once a month if you can.

I get up and enjoy my silence and I bring out my trusty tarot deck. It’s not always the same deck, or even a tarot deck sometimes. I always close my eyes and say a little prayer if thats even the word I want to use to describe this. In my mind and in my body I always say I’m “taking stock of my spiritual body and my physical body.”

I’m listening. I usually ask the tarot cards or whatever deck I’m working with a question. Yes, you can ask tarot decks a question and it will answer you back. The trick is to not think too much about this. We just do it here.

I shuffle my deck quite a few times and I wait for a card to pop out. The card that pops out is my answer. My direction of where I need to be leading my thoughts and interactions with others for the day. This is a practice that has grounded me and actually kept me from getting into fights with other people.

Below I’ll show you todays card pull:


Nine of Wands: A personal power card for me. I’m at a crossroads right now for my life. What do I want to make work and what do I need to stop being stubborn about? I keep saying I want to be a professional writer. But, I’m working on a book, several actually and now it seems as if I’m always interrupted or need to be doing something else. When do I find time to get done what needs to be done? Simple. The card told me I need to keep pushing, all of this working hard will pay off, its time to find our supporters, they are coming and I have to have patience. My readers are within reach.

Do you pull cards for yourself?

Have a great day.



Photo by Jhefferson Santos on Pexels.com

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Strawberry Full Moon Card Pulls

Stories each blog post will now have stories. Follow me on there for the latest.

Welcome everyone. I’ve missed “seeing” you all here. The Strawberry moon is coming in hot this June 3rd Sagittarius. Now the Sagittarius is a sign I’m very familiar with as my spouse is a Sagittarius. They are full of fire and wandering eyes. Literally and figuratively. They are always trying to go somewhere or do something, these signs can be easily bored.

Comment below which card you enjoyed the most.

So my advice to the rest of the zodiac is make the plans. Expect things to change rapidly this weekend and do the things. Have a favorite ritual you do. Well, take that shit on the road, head to the beach, or your favorite mountain spot. Get out of where you usually are this time of year and go be wild. Entertain that inner fire we all have. Below will be come card pulls for each sign I felt called to do.

The Truth comes to the light always – Alexa Gonzalez Tarot Reader and Author

Aries: Strength Whatever your inner demons are, don’t let them haunt you this weekend. Work on letting go and moving on. This weekend it’s okay to let them rest you deserve happiness.

Taurus: The Chariot This weekend we let go of our burden’s. Don’t do any work that isn’t yours. That doesn’t belong, don’t be surprised if you get the unfortunate news of a loved one passing or of someone you knew passing on. The chariot came for them and they passed through the veil. All is well. If, you see one in the skies you saw them go tonight.

Gemini: 10 of cups: What you are working on is complete, but don’t let your emotions get in the way of your success. Celebrate yourself without looking at the next thing you have to do. Be your self not one of your ten other personalities.

Cancer: Son of Cups in the reversed position Time to get your shit together. Listen to that inner intuition. Stop letting others get in your way. Be your own self. Let your ideas be yours. At the same token the snake inside your house will always reveal itself you are not crazy.

Leo: Five of pentacles Shit has really upended itself lately. Maybe it was the breakup, maybe our sense of self has gone out the window. Whatever it is. You’ll be out. Take your ass outside and just be with yourself this weekend. What is your next plan for you to make your self feel special?

Virgo: 3 of Wands our fire element. Make magic happen bitch. You deserve all the things. Opportunities are coming. Take them. Focus on expansion.

Libra: The sun You got this bitch. Whatever you are asking for you are gonna get it. You might have to work for it. But, it is yours to have you just need to reach for it. Lay plans out for things to happen and they will. If, you are trying to conceive now is a good outlook.

Scorpio: 2 of swords. Be about your business. Something is lurking in the corners of your eyes all three of them that you can not see. Pay attention to your dreams and day dreams. Protection from the living is needed. Ask who needs to be seen and you will.

Sagittarius: The high priestess in the reversed position (what are you not saying? What ever that is it’s louder then your silence.) The secrets that you keep won’t stand to be kept forever. So, stop it. Your intuitive side is screaming. Listen to it before shit blows up in your face.

Capricorn: Ace of Cups. Ya’ll got this. You can feel it in your bones. Be on the look out this weekend for moments to present themselves that will make you very happy.

Aquarius: The Universe. You did the hard thing. It’s done and your time has passed. Go about your business and be amazing like you are. They didn’t see you and never did. That’s okay. Snip, snip you’re done with all that. Time to set your sights on what lays ahead. Which is you living your best like starting this weekend.

Pisces: 10 of swords. Don’t trust everyone this weekend. Not every person you speak too is capable or willing to be the steward of your trauma or your emotions. Some people are filled with poison and will drip it back to you and make it look like they are trying to be healing. Don’t listen to it. If, it feels bad it fucking is. Take this full moon to choose wisely.

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What Everyone is enjoying:

What I’m binging too these days:

Currently I’m on season two of Tanis. I usually have a drive to pick up my kids from school and this show has me hooked. It’s super Sci fi so if you’re into that give this one a stream.


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  2. RABBITS Season Two Episode One BONUS
  4. Episode 512: The Fifth Gate
  5. Episode 511: The Long Stone

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The Hit List: Finding The Right Tarot Reader For You

Help I Need A Tarot Reading!

Welcome to a new little series I’d like to start on the blog. Where you the reader can feel out my style as a tarot reader. I often find people are super curious about when I openly talk about my job as a tarot reader. They usually say things like “Oh, how does that work? Or my favorite.. “Do you have a shop?” When I reply no I do everything online that’s when their eyebrows start to raise a little. I can feel the uphill battle of trying to convince them I’m the real deal or at least I used too.

Five years ago me I would have done everything I could to convince someone of my ability to read tarot for them was the truth. Today, me only wants clients who truly feel called to have a reading and treat the profession with some respect. I typically see clients or at least new clients every three months. If, you buy one of my sessions we do them in increments of three.

Meaning we work together for three sessions you get one a month and if you decided there are other goals you would like to work on well you then repurchase for another three. You can ask questions through email, and you don’t even have to show up to your session if your schedule does not allow.

For first time client’s I just need a selfie and what you would like to focus on. If, you’re like “Shit man I don’t know this is my first time ever.” Than that is no problem I just ask your spirit guides for general guidance.

For a while I’ll be giving advice on what you should look out for in a reader/healer and providing examples of tarot readings I’ve done via video readings. All my readings are recorded and the client gets to keep them forever I’ve had many clients go back and relisted took note’s and tell me how much more then have learned sometimes years later. I’ve found people love this. There is power in the voice and doing things this way.

Are We a Good Fit?

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

It’s always important that you find a tarot reader you trust and whom you think is a good fit for you and you alone. So, here is what you should look for when trying decide if myself or anyone else is a good fit for you to read tarot.

  • Look for References Ideally you want some that look like they are from actual people and not bots. Do your research here people! For example my reviews are listed in my social media
  • A Website Any type of website will do this can even be just a free blog spot but you also want to try and get to know this reader/healer as a person. Find out what they are working on or have to say as a reader/healer.
  • A Place To Put Client Reviews If, you want to review your experience with the reader look for a form or ask your reader how can you leave a review? ( we are also not owed reviews as tarot readers. I consider this someone being nice.) For example, you can see mine here
  • Social Media Do they have a social media preesence It’s not important how little or big it is. The point here is you want to see that they are an actual person. Beware of accounts who don’t always communicate with their real voice. You mostly want to see how they are. This is also a great way to feel out someone’s energy. For Example, You can see mine here
  • Policies Look for their terms and conditions page or house keeping or something that states their individual policies for multiple readings, payments, privacy, and how they handle no show readings, and if they have a refund policy. You’ll want to be aware of these before you schedule your reading. If, they don’t have this set up RUN. For example, Mine are here
  • Booking Try to figure out how to book a reading with them. Are they in person or online. For example you can see my page and what I offer here

Come Prepared Or Not

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

    Fear is dangerous, not the tarot. The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light, and the dark. Do not fear the darker aspects of the human condition. Understand them. The tarot is a storybook about life, about the greatness of human accomplishment, and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”
    ― Benebell Wen

    Taken from Goodreads
      Come prepared for your tarot reading or not. I tell clients in the beginning of each of my readings that this is Their Time. This is my clients self care for the day if they don’t already have a routine set in place. Take these moments you listen to these readings seriously. They are literally for you.

      If, you want to have a set of questions to ask the cards great. Make sure you ask your reader what their policy is on that like for me for example if you have specific questions you want answered please write them down and let me know in advance if you can’t be at your reading.

      If, you don’t have questions just come with a paper and a pen to take notes. It takes time for me to process your reading and each time people listen to their readings it tends to spark something different. If, your reading turns heavy have tissues ready.

      I hope this blog post helps you decide number one if you are ready for a tarot reading and number two who to trust with your time and money. More of these will be coming with example’s of my reading style linked YouTube video below. Enjoy!

      Want to book a reading with me? You can do so here my books are open for May.

      Please provide your email in the notes of PayPal and I’ll reach out with a confirmation email.


      Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023

      Welcome back to the blog my witchy friends and happy astro new year. The portal is opening for us here. We start over today and I’m so excited for it. Today is the beginning of the spring equinox! We are going into Aries season and this is the redo we all need from this relatively long and stressful winter season.

      For this blog post I’m going to be walking you through my top four things I enjoy doing on the longest day of the year to get my vibes just right for spring. Also, in my shop there is a Spring Equinox Tarot Spread available if you are needing help. (Just Scroll to the bottom of the page and click purchase. Please leave your email address in the notes section and your pdf download will be emailed to you.

      Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.


      Clean Your Space

      This might sound funny but, having a clean space during this time of year is actually one of the best things you can do for your spiritual practice. Even trying a cleanse for your body, or just taking a ritual bath or shower is key here. One of m favorite things to do in the shower is recite spells of self care to myself or perform self care reiki. As a reiki master I don’t just do healing work on my clients it’s also starts with me too. Everything needs to be clean to get the most out of these energies of the equinox. They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. Get up and open the house to new energy. You’ll thank me later. Also, take care of yourself too here.

      Get Your Ass in The Kitchen

      Nothing brings people together like cooking and food. Now, is the time to send that text invite to have a little cozy dinner with a few close friends if you can. We don’t have to make anything fancy here. We are making things with intention, and with love. Witchy tip with cooking make an extra plate and put it on your altar. Don’t have an altar? When I was younger I’d put a plate at or near a window. This was offerings to my house spirits or my ancestors. They will show their appreciation for being remembered I promise. I just made sure to address them as I put the plate down once I felt they were done with the plate I’d put the rest in the trash or if anything can be used for the birds throw it out to them.


      Create, Create, and Create!

      This one my witchy friends I’m going to challenge you with here. I want you all to try and tap into your create side. You don’t have tp repaint your whole house but if that’s your thing go for it bitch. You can just start small and take a class on painting or just sit down with some water colors and a coloring book and make yourself happy. This is about you and what floats your book after all. This is also a great way to make a vision board for where you want the rest of your year to go. Hang it up when it’s complete or add things too it as you have gone on through the rest of the year so you can remember it.


      Release That Shit My Witchy Friend

      Okay, so we already know this magical portal only comes on today and we need to make the most of it right? Well, we don’t need to bring anything with us either. So, You can make a small fire or hell make it a celebration part of tonight’s dinner with friends and do a bonfire. Have everyone write down what they are wanting to release from winter and their hibernation state and let it go. This could be making room for a better version of themselves or making room for a new job, or just wanting to pick up a new hobby and needing to let go of procrastination. Whatever it is we are leaving it behind and letting the ashes of the fire carry it back to the universe. Let that shit stay away from you. Don’t call it back by becoming complacent.

      Wishing you love and feeling lot’s of lightness this spring equinox.

      Your Tarot Reader,


      Stay Social Friends!

      Recommendations for this week

      This week I wanted to recommend some writers word press and other blogs that I follow and my favorite song that you might enjoy too. I’m also starting a new book about Irish ghost stories I’ll be sure to report back on as well. If, you are feeling extra sweet please share the blog or follow me on medium.

      Writers I’m reading here on Word Press or blogs I love:

      The Tarot Lady

      Melinda Kucsera

      Smart Bitches Trashy books

      Life Updates:


      I’ve stated in the past I wanted to make this blog more personal and give some life updates for anyone who reads this thing. If, you do please comment what your favorite dinner is and let me know. I always need more dinner ideas. We are still patiently and not so patiently waiting on the closing of our new house. Things are moving at a snail’s like pace and I’m trying my best to be okay with that. Once things do get rolling I’ll be busy unpacking the new house and getting things settled. Writing on Kindle Vella has proven to be harder then it looks but I’m honestly very excited for this. As far as Witch Craft and Writing is concerned- I’m thinking about possibly rebranding but, it’s still just a thought for right now. I want to begin to focus more on writing. I’ll be bringing more witch craft tips to the blog and collective readings. My mental health seems to be improving but we all have our days and I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on that soon too.

      Have a wonderful Monday.


      Open Letter To The Air Signs

      Hello, I’m Alexa, 

      I’m a tarot reader and writer. Today, I’ve been instructed to write letters to the signs. I’ve been instructed to “write” for a while now. But, I’m just now finding the space and time to get to these elusive moments to write. I wanted to start with the air signs because that’s my rising sign and there is nothing like being called out first thing in the morning. Am I right? *sighs in sarcasm.*

      I love blogging and I love keeping the blog free, if you would like to donate you can by clicking down below. If, you donate the next blog post will be a free tarot reading and a dedication just for you.

      So without further ado here is my open letter/ kick in the ass to all my air signs. 

      Dear Air Signs, 

      Let’s take a deep breath together while we sip our coffee and get our selves together. *Deep Breath* inhale and exhale. Shits gonna be real and sometimes that hurts but it’s okay. We are stronger than we know sometimes. 


      It’s okay that you loved them with your whole heart and they stopped loving you in return. Their brokenness is not your responsibility to heal. They were broken when you met them. You just forgot you looked past that. Now, you can’t unsee what’s been seen. Trust your intuition on this one and don’t be scared to move with the wind when it’s called for. 

      You may have wept and thought of ways you could change yourself to make them happy. But, something always sent you back to your old patterns and ways of being. There was a reason for this. It wasn’t you my sweet air sign, it was never you that needed to change. But, I know it sure was presented that way correct? 

      They may have sat you down or yelled aggressively and told you all the things that they needed you to do. But, was their impatience really with you? After all you’ve been you this whole time right? Look to your left and look to your right dear air sign. Are they there supporting you on any adventure the wind takes you on or are they still repeating and telling you all the ways you need to change? 

      Travel with the wind my sweet air sign. It’s time to change direction and course and go with the wind. You can’t stay here my love. You aren’t meant to be beaten down my words and actions that aren’t yours to own or fix. You are stronger than you know and capable of having the joy you are so desperately looking for. 

      Reach for it and you will be free. A word of caution hit’s this letter though my love, with freedom comes a cost, the winds must change you and now you must listen. You might not show your hurt on the outside but, don’t forget to nuture those wounds when you find the courage to let your situation go. The cost on your heart and your mental health and your time does not reward you in the end. 

      I’m wishing you the best sweet air sign. If, no one is in that corner of support understand this, I am there. Enjoyed this post? Click the follow button or leave a tip. 

      Your Tarot Reader, 



      Here are this weeks recommendations, I want to start making the blog a little more personal and blogging just more in general so I’ll be introducing some categories at the end of each post for anyone who reads all the way towards the end.

      This week I’m recommending some of my favorite places to eat in the Bono’s They seriously have the best Bar B Que. If, you are ever in that area or near one give them a shout!


      Life Updates and Writing Updates:

      I’ve been writing more lately and I hope to keep this up. I’m debating on if I’ll do a full life updated blog post or not. I have no idea if anyone reads this thing or not. But, let’s just say things in my personal life have been rocky, but I’m trying to navigate through that and maybe that’s what this blog will become for a little bit. I don’t know yet. But, exciting news is that I’m bringing myself back to writing. So, that means you will see a lot more updates about my kindle Vella experience on the blog and on medium.

      In some more personal news, I have had some people ask me where I went on social media. The short answer is I moved and during that time of trying to sell a house and buy another during this horrific state of the housing market I had to focus on that. So, I stopped doing a lot of things. However, the closing on my new house is coming up and that is bringing me back to all the things slowly but surely.

      I don’t plan on returning much to social media until I have my house in order so it’s always a good thing to follow me on my website or medium for the most up to date information. If, you have read this far thank you. I hope you have enjoyed this life update. You can always leave your comments or questions down below.

      Wishing you the best day.

      Your Tarot Reader,


      Down below is the trailer for my favorite show right now! Tell me have you watched The Last Of Us?


      Psychic Chronicles: Talking To Dead People

      Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.

      Welcome to a new series on the blog everyone! I’m officially dubbing, The psychic chronicles. I’m going to be doing about ten blog posts where I talk about different topics of my psychic experiences.

      I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a minute but honestly didn’t have the time too and didn’t exactly know how to word everything, what I do and can do is another worldly experience and it needs to be treated respectfully so, which I also think could be a whole series on the blog “respecting a healer and what they do as actual work.”

      So, you want to know what it’s like to talk to dead people huh? Well, buckle up and let me explain it to you. First there are so really hard truths that a lot of the spiritual community will not like to hear. But, someone has to say it and I’m honestly the queen of saying uncomfortable shit.

      1. Not every tarot reader can channel messages. (A lot of people thanks’ to app’s like TicTok have realized there are bag’s to be got when reading tarot cards and if you can memorize some card meanings you can grab that bag.) However, a person who can channel messages from your spirit guides can also read tarot cards. Choose your tarot card reader wisely friends.
      2. It’s most important that you follow your own intuitive thoughts and are able to hear yourself before you follow blindly the guidance of others. A lot of readers will not encourage this, but if you can’t hear your own inner voice can you trust that your “trusted tarot reader can hear theirs?”

      Dead People

      Now that we have gotten that out of the way it’s important to understand something. When you are channeling for me anyway I understand that sometimes I’m speaking to dead people. They have honestly helped me out more in the past then the living. Giving me little hints of advice here and there.

      Do I advertise this all the time to my clients who I’m reading tarot for? No, actually I do not. Honestly, it can make people uncomfortable so unless you are a repeating client I don’t.

      You might be wondering “What does this feel like to channel dead people?”

      Well, my answer would be this, I’ve always done it and chances are you have too, everyone has the ability to do what I do, I just use that psychic muscle we all have. At first it was scary, but eventually it became with practice my new normal. A lot of the times, its whispers of conversations that I don’t always understand mostly because I’m not meant too.

      A lot of clients who want to dive deeper into this have trouble with the above statement because they have a hard time not overthinking what information they are receiving.

      This can honestly be a whole other blog post, for now though I thought it was important to mention this. If, you are a person wanting to deepen your psychic senses and start your spiritual awakening.

      If, dead people are talking to you and they want you to know it don’t worry you will, they will make their presence known. It could be them calling your name or simply them asking for “help” or making noises like you hearing moving books, papers or I’ve even heard furniture moving when their was no furniture moving.

      What I’m describing is the psychic ability called Clairaudience hearing voices. It’s important to know the difference of how you sound in your head first before you start trying to unlock the ability. These voices in my head never are harmful and don’t ever tell me to do things to others or become harmful to myself. ( If, you are experiencing this you need to seek a medical professional.)

      Usually in a reading messages can be straight forward, for example, “No, you aren’t getting the job, or yes you are getting the job.”

      Reading tarot for other people and using my clairaudience ability actually helps me in my daily life as a psychic medium from feeling overwhelmed or like I’m not in touch with my reality. It keeps my own personal experiences with my abilities down to a minimum because I have practice channeling that ability so, hence I’m not scared when I see/hear something in my home or someone else’s.

      Reading for other’s also helps me develop patience for people who are experiencing an awakening for the first time and are scared or are just having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this is happening to them due to issues with their child hoods and how this way of life was explained to them as children.

      Being a psychic medium is not trendy, and it is not something you can always make a living from if that is what you are after. The people that are making a living from this understand that having trust in your intuitive side and what is happening around you is real, that is a way of life for them, they live and breath this way. You can not be half in or half out of spiritualism which is my word for being a psychic medium.

      The dead are with us always twenty four seven three hundred and sixty five days a year. When we are awake and when we are sleeping. One day you will also join the land of the dead and it’s time we give them the respect they deserve.

      Enjoyed this post? Leave a tip!



      Tips keep the blog free, plus if you tip you will have the next blog post dedicated to you with a reading.


      Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.

      Recommendations for This week:

      I absolutely love making bread in my bread machine. Fresh bread is the fucking tits. 10/10 recommend. One day I’ll share my fresh bread recipe. For now I’d love to recommend this bread machine right here. No, I’m not making a commission off of this I just fucking love it and wanted to share.

      Bread Machine

      Stay Social Friends.


      New Moon in Sagittarius Let’s Go.

      Hey Everyone,

      Thanks for stopping by my neck of the internet woods. Donations keep this blog going and keep me from having to charge to have access to this content. I love FREE Things, and I know so does the next person. But, if you can please consider donating and receiving a free tarot reading in exchange. Now Let’s get to the fun stuff.


      Donation’s keep the blog going and keep things FREE on the website. We all love Free things.



      Hello to all my Witchy Friends, followers and just in general people who are creeping on my website. Thank you I appreciate you showing up here with me and for me. This blog is honestly kind of a fucking dump all. It’s raw and real and honest of what is currently going on in my life or around me.

      I tried having an aesthetic or a niche if you will, but like my life that became a dumpster fire as well. You won’t find that here. So, if you’re looking for that I’m about to disappoint you.

      Let’s get into it. If, you are new here “Hey, I’m Lexi”. I’m a practicing witch, tarot reader, psychic medium (I talk to dead people and spirit guides) I use these gifts to assist the living either communicate with their ancestors or their passed away loved ones. I also teach from time to time people how to do these things themselves because we are all psychic beings and there is nothing I do that you can’t do as well.

      Currently I’m working on a few things/projects:

      New Moon in Sagittarius Spread:

      It’s no secret that I love tarot cards and often use them in my daily life to help me make some choice’s about moving forward in my life or deciding which direction to take. This is also the perfect time of year start pulling cards for yourself daily and start a practice to get you ready for your next walk around the sun for what ever that is gonna look like for you. For this blog post I thought it would be great to share a new moon tarot spread I do for myself when the moon is swinging into Sag season baby. For most of my personal tarot spreads I like them to be short and sweet and to the point. Below we will look at a way to use the following new moon spread bit by bit and break it down. I’ll report back in another blog post on how my tarot spread worked for me as a treat to my readers.

      Some examples of what I’ve used tarot cards for are

      • When to buy a house
      • When to have a baby
      • Will partnership or that new job work out?
      • Am I being spiritually attacked right now?
      • Casting Spells. Yes you can use tarot cards to cast spells.


        hours  minutes  seconds


      New Moon in Sagittarius

      How Can we incorporate this tarot spread into our daily lives you might be wondering right now? Well, the meat and potato’s of this tarot spread is all about finding a direction of where to go and maybe taking some baby steps towards this movement. But, this is the long game here for 2023. The vibe of a Sagittarius is to either be too stressed or not stressed at all. We are gonna go with not stressed at all. Let’s break it down card by card shall we?

      Card Number one:

      What is my passion?

      Maybe you have been struggling a little bit with manifesting or where to go exactly. This card is really going to help you narrow your focus point. But, remember don’t rush into anything this new moon. We just need to dial in our internal compass that’s it.

      Card Number Two:

      What Am I not Committing too?

      If, Sagittarius is your main sun sign this question could be tricky. I always say these sun signs are the least committed/committed person I know. They are always looking for better while enjoying what they have. They have the ultimate wondering eye. But, this can be very beneficial. The best thing we can say about this card is if, it’s not working out in your life whether it be a relationship, project or a job, ditch that shit.

      Card Number Three

      What have I left behind?

      Sometimes it’s good to leave things behind. However, this is the time to make sure you have not gotten neglectful with the important stuff in your life. This could be with your spiritual practice or with your personal boundaries. Also, be sure to not leave anything behind that could need closure or some kind of resolution. We can’t bring any bad vibes into 2023 after all.

      This was my break down of my tarot spread. I hope you use it and enjoy it. If, you do please let me know, I love hearing from anyone who read’s my blog. It brightens my day that this little spot on the internet can bring someone else joy. If, you have gotten this far on the blog I just wanted to take moment to say, I’m sincerely thankful and grateful to everyone who has supported me and my business in any way. It truly means the world to me. Even reading these blogs or sharing them. I hope they bring you joy. I’m sitting here wishing all of you the best and safest Thanksgiving.

      PS. Pen Pal Question: Do you enjoy Turkey or Ham?


      Need A personal Tarot Reading Click Here


      Lunar Eclipse Season is Coming for Us and A Full Beaver Moon.

      Next Tuesday November 8th, 2022 We enter a Beaver Full Moon and a lunar eclipse. Holy shit ya’ll!


      Donations keep the blog alive and help me keep dishing out freebies and I love giving freebies, also when you donate I’ll feature you in my next blog post.


      Rx For The Eclipse :

      Hold onto your spiritual selves people things are about to get rocky but in a good way. This lunar eclipse goes straight into Taurus season. Taurus characteristics that come into play right now that you should try and embrace into your daily life are money, loyalty, and patience. This is going to be an insane Tuesday, not only is this a season of eclipse but also a full moon and mid term elections will be decided. Rest is best during this season.

      Don’t fret about doing too much or being too much right now. Take deep breaths and look back at previous eclipses and see what has happened around those times November 19th, 2021, and April 30th, 2022. I always keep a little note section in my phone and around those moments to document any shifts and turns I need to pay attention too. This practice has really helped me align my abundance and cord cutting rituals. I also document how my personal relationships with my partner and kids are going around these times and full moon and new moons.

      Once you start to see the patterns happening you’ll be more prepared. Like for example I can never sleep during a full moon, so now I’ll drink a special witch tea before bed and it helps me sleep through the night.

      What should you be doing right now?

      Look at anything that needs to go in your life and permanently let it go, if you need some clarification don’t worry on these days the universe will provide. Secrets could come to light or people just being extra gossipy. The ways in which the universe brings these messages or awakening to you may not be in welcoming ways. So be prepared. If, something has been happening in your personal life that you haven’t been seeing clearly or you don’t know the way out after Tuesday you will begin to see the light but, it’ll be work. Patience is your friend here.

      Some things to note here:

      The final eclipse happens at 5:09 am eastern standard time and will depend on where you live.

      This is the last eclipse of the year get ready for a fiery one.

      .Typically we feel the affects of the full moon two to three days afterwards.

      Signs most affected by the Beaver Full Moon Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo. Rest Bitches Rest.

      Notes on the Full Beaver Moon

      Expect karmic lessons to be learned here. If, we’ve been ignoring someone that person will have had enough and you’ll reap what you sow here. Taurus can bring us a burst of energy and leave us feeling powerful but we have to be willing to shift here at any moment, cycling back to basic values and being grateful for what we have not desiring what we don’t have is how we lean into this full moon now more than ever.

      Expect life to be busy on Tuesday..

      On a practical standpoint have a plan for Tuesday. Ritual items need to be at the ready if that’s what you are doing, maybe make dinner in the crock pot, and don’t let the drama grab you too much. It’s not worth it. Once the dust settles know you came out alive, be prepared not scared, you’ve got this eclipse season, it can’t hurt you if you know what to look for in your life that might run a muck. Taurus is a sign of patience and resilience. Keep grounded and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to do the things that make you happy, a spiritual practice without happiness is no spiritual practice at all.

      I hope you all have a great Tuesday and whatever you choose to do make sure you are putting yourself first. Also make sure if you are digging the blog you follow and subscribe to it to receive updates.

      Pen pal Question: You may answer these questions down below

      What is your favorite thing to do during a full moon? Comment Below

      What I’m listening too these days

      On today's tour through the Cabinet, let's explore two influential figures with vastly different legacies.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
      1. Curses
      2. Golden Years
      3. Advertising Artifacts
      4. Witchy
      5. Solitary Science

      Leave a Reply


      That Time I Self Published My First Book

      There was a time I was brave and self published my first work of poetry on kindle unlimited and I loved it. I wrote this first collection of poetry in a time I was going through a self discovery of sorts.

      Let me describe to you what I was going through. I was having a spiritual awakening and at the time poetry was kinda hitting it big in the publishing industry. So, I decided “Hey, why not give it a shot.”

      I got rejected ALOT, I think it was like 100 plus times traditional publishing houses thought my stuff was garbage. Honestly, after so many rejections, I kinda low key felt the same.

      However, I didn’t let it stop me. My writing has always one hundred percent been a passion project and I just want it to reach the right people. So, I decided to self publish it through amazon. Do I make tons and tons of money? Hell No.

      However it has reached the people it was meant to reach, that which I and thankful for, it was impactful, I had a teacher friend even use my book as a way to teach poetry that breaks all the rules, which was fun.

      Publishing a book is kind of like having a baby, you wait for it to simmer a long ass time and then bam baby is ready to come into the world. It’s painful but beautiful at the same time and it’s also fucking strange because it’s the deepest darkest parts of you. I took this first collection of poetry and tried it out on a new indie publishing plate form which I’m actually very excited about called “kindle vella”.

      It’s serialized fiction and non fiction, amazon is giving away 200 tokens to people who sign up and the first three chapters are always free, to help let the reader know if this is something they want to read or not. If, you have not checked out Kindle Vella yet I invite you too there are some seriously good stories out there.

      If, you are wanting to give it a shot here is mine

      As always thanks for coming to my corner of the internet and I hope you enjoy this is little pocket of prose.

      Have a great day,



      I said Fuck You to New Years Resolutions But Spirit Had Other Ideas.

      Word for 2022 : Unbothered

      Why must we have a word of the year?

      gold pen on journal book


      Donations keep the blog alive and when you donate you get a blog post just for you with a mini reading.


      People have had a “word of the year” for a while now to keep them on track with their new years resolutions. I originally was not going to have a word of the year. I wanted to say “fuck it” so badly to everything to do with starting over and becoming a different version of myself. The truth is no one really becomes a “better version” of themselves. We make promises a lot of the time we have no intentions of keeping.

      Only the few hyper determined individuals really keep those “resolutions”. Most of us settle for try again next year, I didn’t want to do that to myself. I also didn’t want the expectation of failure for not following through to haunt me. So, I had said fuck you New Years resolutions while I watched my social media feeds fill with determined folks who wanted to start over. I just wanted and still want to slide into new years kind of slowly. Yes, I have goals with the year. But, if I’m talking about them too much I’m not actually doing them.

      However, spirit or source whatever the fuck you want to call it always has plans to make you change you mind.

      I went to my local grocery story and ran into this woman who was obviously not having a good start to her new year, the exchange went something like this:


      “I hate having to walk all the way to the end of the store to get something. Woman while aggressively pointing at store workers yells at them to get a manager, She proceeds to look at me who was unfortunately standing behind her. Not only did I have to smell her aggressive second hand cigarette smoke perfume I had to now listen to her. “Aren’t you bothered by this?!” She is equally yelling at me now to participate in being angry over nothing.


      I said, No I’m not bothered by this, I’m bothered by you. You’re blocking the self check out line and I’d like to leave. It was in this moment that I realized what my word of the year should be if I was going to have one at all. It was going to be “unbothered”. I don’t want anyone stealing my peace that has no rights to my peace. If, they are taking it, then it is my fault. I’m participating in their shit show behavior and that most stop. I didn’t want to be apart of her shit show or anyone else who give me anxiety. I wanted to be free, relaxed and happy.

      So, that is what I’m going to strive for this year, the year of being “unbothered”. Will this always work out? Maybe not, but I don’t have the pressure to radically change myself into something that will only temporarily work out, we are after all creatures of habit.

      I encourage you to find your own word of the year that helps you become more of yourself and who you already are.

      Happy New year guys.


      An ASMR Blogmas

      Self Care Meditation ASMR

      gold pen on journal book


      Donations help the blog so much. When you donate to my blog I’ll shout you out in the next blog post and give a mini reading


      Hey Readers and Witches,

      Welcome to Blogmas Day 2.

      Ha! Look at me keeping up with my blogmas schedule already. I’ve been thinking alot lately about gifting, but not gifting materialism to people this year. This year I want to give more of my time. It happens to be the most precious gift I have. But, I also want to be able to give people a little sense of peace. I’ve done ASMR podcast epsiodes in the past and people would always comment that they loved them, that the episodes helped them go to sleep at night and find some rest.

      So, while we are all so busy this holiday season I invite you to a peek of what I do. Give the video a listen, try to relax, set the tone for yourself by laying down, finding the time to do this.

      Then listen, just listen, nothing else is required of you during this time and space. Comment and let me know if this helped. How are you day is going. I hope well.

      Happy Blogmas!


      Stay social friends

      My biggest change of the year


      Blogmas Day 1


      Keep the blog alive by giving a donation. For each donation you will be shouted out at the end of my blog and I’ll do a mini reading for you at the end of the blog post


      Update on this. I’m about 7 days behind on “blogmas” but, I’m pretty sure I can get this in. Says, to self in witch cackles and procrastination voice.

      Dear readers and Witches,

      Happy Yule and happy blogmas,

      I’m so excited to have you all here today with me. Let me start with an introduction to who I am since this is a brand spanking new blog and I feel like we should get to another each other. What do you say? Yeah. Okay, here we go.

      For what ever reason the above sentence felt a little like I was asking ya’ll out. I mean I do hope you will continue to show up for my blog soooo…

      “Hey, readers heyyyyy…” 🙂

      Since we are in the season of Christmas I’m going to give you a short little list of all the things that I love about the season in a festive way to get to know me.

      First things first abuelitas hot chocolate is the the shit. Don’t try to convince me of others existence.

      Two witch craft and writing was not my first website. I’ve had multiple ones over the years. They have always been tarot related in some way shape or form. I have a long relationship with tarot. I just love it and it was brought comfort to me over the years.

      Third when I was younger I used to watch soap operas with my grandmother. Three o’clock was prime time to watch General Hospital and you did not touch the tv.

      Fourth growing up I have a Christmas tradition we always watch a super cute Christmas movie and eat a ham and cheese and crackers dinner. It was never fancy and never needed to be. The best traditions are simple ones.

      Fifth: Since really accepting my own spiritual lifestyle I always associate ghosts and dead people “our ancestors” with every holiday. Just like in life they want to be around us even on holidays other than Halloween.

      Psychic Truth Bomb they actually are.

      Sixth: I don’t make new year resolutions any more. I make vision boards for myself. This is a cute way to “see” where I’m going and one help me practice my manifestation goals but, two helps me relax which during the holidays we all need that. Each year my “vision board” looks different. Most of the time I put it in my journal of the year. Keep it at the front so I can reflect. But, I always do them around this time of year.

      Seven: I’m a sucker for a romance book. Throw in a holiday theme and some smut and I’m throwing money at you like I’m at a Vegas strip club.

      It’s been my not so secret dream to write a romance novel of my own, and either publish it myself or become traditionally published. Don’t let any one stop you from your “hobbies” that light you up. That’s how we feed our creative inner child that sometimes can get stamped out through life, or through bad parenting.

      I know I wrote a collection of poetry that completely helped me get through my second spiritual awakening. I turned it into a “series” on kind Vella. Check it out here

      Eight: I love reliving my childhood Christmas movie favorites. I’ll have to make a list to help love on my inner 80’s baby, but, there is seriously something about watching Home Alone over a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate or coffee and other snacks with my kids that just comforts me you know? Create the vibes. We never know as parents to little what is gonna stick in their tiny heads and what is not. Every moment is a memory that lives in the soul somewhere, creating a blueprint of your relationship with others.

      When it comes to kids that matters a lot. Find your moments, find your memories this holiday season. We never know when we are making them what they are.

      Nine: Roller-coaster’s used to be my favorite ride at any tourist trap, or theme park. I’ve discovered after our last trip to Disney World I’d much rather eat and drink my way through any adventure I take in the future by myself or with people. This is my new favorite way to spend time when not plugged into this matrix of life.

      Ten: Whew if you have made it this far in the blog post congrats, and thank you for fucking getting to know me. My last favorite thing is You. You who take the time to support me, you all who read these blog posts and interact with them, you who book tarot readings and trust me with your inner most lives, you who listen to my podcast, or other social media. You. who simply see me. I want to end this little first blogmas post by saying, I see you too.

      Happy Blogmas everyone.


      Social round ups

      Catch up with all the things here

      I’m answering questions about my up coming indie tarot deck The Night Witches Tarot

      Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass

      A little advice for each zodiac sign to start their week off right. Good Luck ya’ll it’s a jungle


      Tips keep the blog alive and keep you reading on what the stars have to say for your sign!


      Sassy Advice for that Zodiac Ass

      Horoscopes for December: Let’s Look at our Air Signs first: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini

      For my air signs this week things might get a little tight. Meaning don’t overcommit yourself. We should focus on a to do list. One thing at a time. Remember done is always better than perfect.

      Horoscopes for December: Let’s look at our earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:

      Earth Signs you guys are the most grounded in the zodiac and can get so exhausted by other people. The choice is how you react to these external influences in your life.

      Take deep breath in moments of frustration. Think back to moments of the day or week and recall your reactions, in the moments of an important or difficult decision.

      Horoscopes for December Let’s Look at our water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

      I pulled several cards for you all my water signs. Y’all are ruled by emotions. Keep them in check this week. “Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.” -Socrates

      For this week take a long look at yourself about what it means to be alone. How is yourself image affected by this? Are you okay with being alone? Do you constantly have to be doing something?

      Make a habit of being alone, and finding peace within that. You don’t always need to be distracted to hear yourself, your spirits and your guides.

      Horoscopes for December let’s look at our fire signs: Leo, Aries Sagittarius:

      Oh, dear fire signs. I truly admire you all inside the zodiac. You guys are the movers and shakers of the zodiac. Some of the best people I know are fire signs. For this week I challenge you to look outside your comfort zone. Say, yes to one new thing this week. The goal is to boost that self confidence here.

      These actions might also connect you with people you otherwise would have never gotten the chance to meet.

      Enjoy your week my readers.



      November Reads For the Mom Tribe

      Dearest Witchey and Mama Friends,

      whew it’s almost December and the last month of the year how did that happen again?

      This month of November has been extra hectic to say the least for me and The Witches Brew. I’m constantly trying to find the time to balance it all. This month I wanted to talk about my November Read’s and what I’ve been reading. I’ve always been a book lover on the down low and get a lot of wonderful information in my spiritual practice from books, but this post is dedicated to the “parents and homeschooling folks.”

      Last year I ventured into that life and after reading these books I feel inspired to go down that rabbit hole of intense learning again. I should say all of these books I got are either from the library or I purchased myself.

      Some of these links maybe affiliate links and when you click them it helps the blog stay alive, thank you for the support or considering donating some love.


      Keep the blog living with a little bit of love



      The Books

      Each of these books helped me in some way shape or form build the person I am today and the mother I am today to my kids. I felt empowered and inspired to be with the more and present in each moment. I hope if you get these books they bring some joy to you too.

      The Brave Learner :

      This book gave me the confidence I needed to continue to teach my kids. It taught me that most learning happens outside of the classroom and gave me the confidence to defend my choice of homeschooling. It also gave me wonderful tricks and tips on bringing my family together like poetry tea time for example. If, you have kids and aren’t homeschooling this book can give you a little something to add into your routines also. I love that the author Julie is seeing homeschooling with a positive attitude and not one of banishing public school.

      Biggest takeaways from this one: Creating an environment for learning is important. It’s okay to have bad days and good days. Show your children your love of learning and include them in it. Read to them and read to them often.

      Bringing Up Book Monsters

      Bringing Up Book Monsters by the husband and wife team Amber Ankowski and Andy Ankowski the science behind reading and the wondrous joy books can create. It taught how our minds process language and how exactly to create the best environment for my kids.

      Since I have a kindergartener who is going down this path of learning to read I deeply want to foster his joy of reading anyway I can. It starts with creating an environment that in conducive for reading. All the time not just bedtime. I love books but in my childhood experience we did not bond over books like what is described here.

      There were a few times where my mother read to me. But, often I witnessed her just reading to herself. Now there was nothing wrong with this and sparked me wanting to read more. But, I want to do this differently with my children. I want to make reading all kinds of books a family event.

      Biggest takeaways: The family that reads together stays together! The ending is my favorite line ” Talk to your kid, Read to your kid, Have fun doing both! If, you can remember those things often than not, and whenever you might be in doubt, then you and your bookmonster will always find your way.”

      The Call Of The Wild + Free

      Picture taken from pinetrest

      Holy Shit this book had heart for the homeschooling mama. I highly recommend this book if you have a kid that does not fit the mold of traditional school. It really gives you great information about not only the confidence in your choice as the parent/parents to homeschool, but it kind of helps you mentally prepare for other peoples reactions to homeschooling.

      I have a “friend” who every time I talk about homeschooling my kids they like to throw this line at me ” Research has shown that kids in schools are benefitted from socializing.” They also can not name any “research studies”. My response is this “Are they not socializing right now when they are playing with your kids? update: The great things about friends is you get to pick and choose. Even adults bully when they don’t understand something. Just in a nicer way. Pay attention to how other adults speak to you about how you choose to raise your kid during this time. Its a jungle out here y’all.

      Wild and Free gives you gentle confidence in your choices and also shows you that you have a community of support, you are a capable human being. So are your kids. This books take’s you as the parent on a journey to not only build the confidence to do this work, but to start an adventure through “nature journaling” to different ways to help your kids notice the weather outside and how it changes.

      “Doing something so different can scare people, because it questions the assumptions on which they have built their lives. And when people get scared, they stereotype. Thus, the ever-present stereotype of the unsocialized and unworldly homeschooler.” – Blake Boles *Quote from the book.*

      The Read aloud Family

      Image taken from pinterest

      This book is still a work in progress and I’ll update the book review once I’m done with it. So, far this is a wonderful “self help” ish type of book that show cases the importance of reading aloud to her kids. But, in a different way. This book gave me idea’s so far on how to create a book club culture at home. I love how she was real and how the read aloud story for her began out of a passion to be close to our kids.

      I won’t be posting a big take away for now because the book isn’t finished. But, if you are thinking about going on this journey. I say, don’t stop run. Your kids are only little once. If, this tarot reading, blogging mother can swing homeschooling and all of life has to offer, you can too!

      Wishing you all the best,


      If you ever want your tarot cards read I can do that click here

      Casting Spells and Writing Words

      PS: Here is a penpal question. You can write back through email or the form below.

      What is your favorite genre to read? Even though I’m reviewing non fiction books I loveee steamy romance reads. I’m a sucker what can I say. It’s important for me to have something beyond being a spiritual person. Something that is for myself. What do you do that’s for you?

      Get in touch


      6 Ways to Show Up for Your Mom Tribe on Thanksgiving

      Trigger Warning: Don’t read my blog if you are uncomfortable with real and raw occasional cuss words, don’t like tarot cards, romance reviews, half ass home making tips, or real life. This is not the internet space for you. So, be gone heathens! If, you enjoy this content. Stick around follow the blog by adding your email, maybe answer my penpal question at the bottom, or join The Witches Circle, or book a tarot reading. When you add your email you will get updates on my blog posts.

      Some of these posts and links may contain affiliate links. I it helps the blog stay alive and supports the adventure of writing and supports me as a mother.

      So, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Most of you all are getting your homes ready right now either for guests or for yourselves. This year my cute little family is not entertaining guests. Which I’m okay with. I’m still cleaning like a mad woman and doing tarot readings until the last fucking second because that’s just who I am on the inside. If, I’m not down to the wire on something, chances are it’s not getting done.

      I’ve realized through much trial and error over the years, that as a trauma response I’m best when under stress. Does this work for everyone? Nope. Should you personally do this? Probably not but ultimately you are the judge of that and if you do be prepared to make some mistakes, fail at somethings, not everything will be perfect, and something somewhere will either be forgotten or not done at all.

      I didn’t choose this non perfectionist hot mess express through stress, life and trauma it became me. A foundation if you will of my personality and my drive to get things accomplished. My main problem is I want all the things. All of them, and I’ll work myself to the bone to get them, this includes Thanksgiving Day dinner and this is why you should check in on your “mom tribe”. If, you don’t have a mom tribe, this is a “safe space” to create that. Follow the blog, add a comment, make a donation to the blog whatever you feel called to do.

      I’m going to start off by telling you the about the first year I solo made my first Thanksgiving day dinner. It was 2016 and I had just had my second child. My grandmother the matriarch of our little extended family and truly the glue that held us together had passed away the year previous and I longed for the days that were better, peaceful and less mournful.

      Two nights before Thanksgiving I decided to host it by MYSELF. Truly I was feeling lonely because I didn’t have the comfort of my grandmother. There would be no idyllic drive through the countryside of North Carolina to her house with my husband and children. No warm smells to greet me, no football on the tv and no comfy couch to lay on after stuffing my face with her food.

      That atmosphere I had to create myself. My family in our grief had splintered each section of us off doing our own things after our grandmother passed the year before around Thanksgiving. So, this year if I wanted that atmosphere I had to create it myself. It was time after all to create my own traditions. But, looking back I wish I had had some type of group chat support group to get me through that first solo cooking experience. What I wouldn’t have given for a group of moms to hype me up.

      So, this blog post will be dedicate to how you can help your mom tribe friends and support them during that solo cooking experience. Especially if their mental health, or physical health or spiritual health is suffering.

      Hype up the group chat with funny memes

      Set up that group chat and just send those funny memes, sometimes those meme’s or tic toks are the only things that keep me sane enough from not burning my house down and starting over. Meme’s can give me the miraculous patience to deal with sibling fights, burnt food, or when someone asks for just one more thing before I sit down to eat. Hype that mom bestie tribe up with your funniest and most relatable ones, paired with wine this will surely save your significant other’s life for when they might ask too much or when weird uncle Bob gets’ political.

      Zoom Call

      Occasionally during my cooking time I need a mother fucking life line. Shit has gone down hill and I’ve missed an ingredient or I just want someone to talk to while I want for the pie to bake or was a dish for the 100th time that day. Zoom your mom tribe, bring community even if you are far away to the kitchen.

      Bring the wine

      Let’s be real here, cooking in a hot kitchen sometimes with out help can make a gal feeling thirsty. Who needs H2O when you can hop by the store and get your favorite wino. Don’t have time to drink with your friends? Drop it off on the porch with a cute note.

      Have the coffee ready.

      I saw this Tic Tok where this girl was describing these moments in her childhood. That during stressful days her mother would pack them up in the car and they would head to their mom’s bestie’s house. She was the adopted “aunt”, this said aunt always had coffee ready, and kids to entertain the girl during her childhood. Sometimes we need that friend who always has the coffee ready for you. The coffee can be helpful when needing to vent about your crazy political in laws that you had not prepared for, or when you just need to cry.

      Break Out The Witchy Stuff

      If, by the time you have done all the cooking, sat through too much bullshit from your family and need an escape, if you must escape at night, bring the tequila and I’ll as the bestie have the magic. Obviously, at this point Thanksgiving did not go as planned and alcohol and magic is what’s needed. Maybe craft a new spell, put each other in a trance or have a cackle over marg’s and the full moon if you are blessed to have one during Thanksgiving.

      Gift Them A Tarot Reading

      Maybe you aren’t particularly witchy yourself but, you have a trusted reader that’s your go too. Ask said tarot reader if you are allowed to purchase a reading for them either in advance of Thanksgiving or have it delivered on the day of. The gift of giving readings can be life changing. I myself have done numerous reading’s for bestie’s. Click here if you would like to book with me. My readings are usually distance through a zoom call or passive via a youtube link sent to your email.

      Finally Give Some Gratitude

      Finally, if you’re like “Bitch I Can’t do any of these things I’m busy.” You’re never too busy to say, “thank you.” Thank them for choosing you to be their mom bestie to begin with. As mothers we have to plan all our adult time and activities. If, you are apart of that consider yourself a little lucky and vice versa. Tell your bestie how thankful you are for them. How they pick up the phone or answer that text message, they are there. We are all after all just wanting connection in this big huge world.

      Give thanks, show appreciation, and do some self care. You deserve it today fellow moms. Thanks for reading.


      Want to be Pen Pals?

      If, you would like to talk to be pen pals with me just answer the question below. What would be your favorite way to spend time with your friends? I look forward to hearing from you.


      The Witches Circle Community

      Why I love to hate them and why I choose to run one.

      The Theme for November is ” Spirit Communication”

      Usually you should expect some theme for group work to be on gratitude right? But what if it’s not on being grateful? What is spirit/the spirit’s demand to be heard again and again. During a lot of client readings I was working on I came across this one main theme. Ancestors. Everyone’s ancestors, spirit guides and dead people were talking loud and clearly. So, I listened.

      So, inside my paid subscription group I chose for us to look through spirit communication. How we hear it, and how we interact with it. Below is the welcome for the month and some highlights of what is offered.

      Welcome everyone to November:

      We are going to be having the following offerings from now on:

      • Monthly Mindful Moments calendar that is linked to your google calendar on ical. Please follow the steps provided to link the calendar on your phone. The Mindful Moments will also be listed in the mighty networks app as well. These moments are reminders to be slow and steady for yourself. They will also have a lunar notification of where the moon is on any given time of the month.
      • You will also be getting a monthly energy reading with a mixture of tarot and oracle cards to prepare yourself for what spirit has to say
      • A monthly themed journal with what we will be going over for the month.
      • One reiki medicine practice: These will include all members where you will get a recording of the healing in the mighty network app, I’ll be using a variety of tools to facilitate this practice. Through crystals, candles, oils, and giving a small energetic reading.
      • Full Moon intentions burn bowl/Meditation/ Higher Practice work: Burn Bowl Ceremony: Simply send me your intentions and a burning will take place. We will do this through the mighty networks app or I may post a instagram story sticker on my instagram stories. Meditation: These will be special meditations designed to help you release anything for the full moon. Higher Self Practice: You will go on journeys to work with your spirit guides. These offerings will change throughout the months. Not every month will have the same offerings.

      This month’s theme is “Spirit Communication”

      Spirit communication to the other side can happen in a variety of ways. Depending on your strongest psychic ability is how you may find this happens for you inside your practice. Each time you are having a psychic experience you are flexing your psychic muscles. You are psychic, I am psychic. It’s all in how much you use your abilities. 

      Feeling like you can not connect or going through a spiritual awakening. No worries. You are simply right where you need to be at this moment in space and time. 

      How do I personally hear spirit communicate with me? 

      I personally hear spirit/spirit guides and dead people through the use of several different clair’s that are all acting at once. Often times I hear my own inner voice in my head but she’s saying things I normally wouldn’t say. Other times it is a smell, a taste, or a touch, a feeling of something that is not quite there but is. 

      I have worked extremely hard to change my mindset on when these things happen reacting in fear and closing it out. I welcome it in. These are just moments from spirit in which i am not alone. Neither are you. The dead, and our ancestors are not out to get us by any means at all. 

      What does it feel like for spirit to speak to you? 

      Is it uncomfortable? 

      How do you physically feel after channeling energy? 

      I invite you this last month of fall and as we go into the long dark winter to see how you are feeling or where things have changed with your communication with spiritual energy. 

      I’m really excited about the rest of this month and ways in which we can slow down, be thankful for the spirit energy around us, rest and reset. 

      How are you with your dead people? Do you believe that there is another side?

      Feeling like this community might be for you? Join for the year here: https://witchcraftandwriting.com/

      Finally Reading Tarot Again..

      I’m back!

      tarot cards near burning plants in close up photography


      Donations keep the blog free. Thank you. If, you donate the next blog post will be dedicated to a one card pull reading just for you.


      Hello, everyone from my corner of the internet. I’m back reading tarot again and wanted to share my experiences so far. Every time I walk away from tarot reading I’m in this weird position of “should I go back to the real world?” Have a normal themed job.

      For some people we have no choice. Tarot reading is a hobby and that’s okay and perfect. Every time I try and go down that path. Something leads me back here. So, I’m listening spirit instead of resisting.

      I’ve always secretly and not so secretly wanted more. I need more. When I step into the role of tarot reader, I love it, I feel fulfilled. It connects me with people in a way I always wanted.

      Do you have a thing that connects you in a similar way?

      Vulnerable moment here:

      Sometimes I’m scared to be real with my readers or clients. But, life is short and I’m moving forward in a way to be helpful for others. If, you see me going through it then maybe it’s okay to be going through things as well. (Sigh)

      I have goals for this year, and I’m truly trying to make them happen. I’d love to be booked for the rest of the year with readings and not have to worry about money for once or how I’ll pay for the upgrades to this website that are needed.

      If, you enjoy being a voguer and what to listen to me read tarot for someone else. This blog post is for you. Below is my latest client reading:

      Stay Social AF friends

      Sale, Sale, and Sale

      Instagram sale!

      Hello witches and readers,

      Good morning and it’s so great to “see” everyone gathering here. I wanted to announce a few things on the blog. As the title suggests I’m having a sale on all the things to get ready for spooky season. I’ll be opening up my website for tarot reading sales all through September. I have also had a great response for readings from the public and I just want to say “thank you” for supporting me through all these years of my little shop.

      Tarot Readings: This round of tarot readings I’ll have eight spots available. If, you’ve never had a tarot reading now is the time to grab one. They are on sale from $80 to $30

      Tarot Reading Rules: They are offered as individual readings. You may ask a specific question or I can pull cards for general guidance. All offerings are recorded and sent to you via email. I do this so you may relisten to your reading. I’ve had past clients listen to them over and over again through out the years. These same clients will message me and tell me they have learned or understood the reading with deeper meaning years later. (I personally love this)

      You can pay for your reading Here, please email me whatsinthebrew@gmail.com letting me know you have purchased one, with a selfie, and any questions you might have. The turn around time for readings right now is three days in the order they have been bought.

      Candle Sales:

      I have an abundance of candles right now.

      On my Instagram for today they are on sale for $25.00 sold in sets of four. These candles are perfect for setting any mood in your home or office. They have hits of maple bourbon and fairy garden’s. Let’s get magical together.

      Please go to my Instagram to inquiry about purchasing and shipping details.


      The latest on the blog


      Spirit Says: Listen To Your Use Of Language

      Hello Everyone, It’s your favorite tarot reader and reiki healer here with another channeled message for you. Just like last week’s channeled message which you can find here.

      This weeks Sunday message was slightly delayed due to well life. Please be patient with me as I schedule these out today.


      Enjoy the blog leave a tip! This keeps the blog free to all who come here. If, you leave a tip you’ll be mentioned in my next blog post.


      A while ago I began channeling something called “Sunday Messages” from my spirit guides. Sometimes these were long messages and sometimes these were short. Usually they were not lovey and lightly. Meaning I could not romanticize the psychic work I was doing during these channelings. It was not fun and oftentimes I was forced to stop doing a task to channel even when I didn’t want to. Spirit sometimes comes forward with information that often leaves us hanging with our mouths open and a contorted look on our faces like “I can’t say that to people.” But, spirit would not rest and would not be silenced. So I channeled a way for a long time in private leaving them essentially on my google drive to die a slow death. Meaning these messages would not reach their intended audience. But, again I have been warned and told that it’s time for these messages to thrive and that writing is something I’m meant to be doing. So, here I am. I’m trying to listen even though I don’t fucking want too. Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I hate being psychic even though I know rationally in my mind you can’t escape it. Being a medium is not a disease there is no cure for it. But, as rewarding as it can sometimes be. It’s exhausting. But, again I’m here to serve and my feelings don’t matter on this particular subject. The messages must be heard. So, here we fucking go.. 


      Embracing Obscure language of the heart and throat chakra: 

      Language is a fickle and funny thing. So, much of it can become misconstrued in obvious ways, especially the English language. There must be a connection between the two. Words are and have always been infinite. Once it’s put out into the universe it can not be taken back. That is where the language of the heart and throat chakra is concerned; If, there is no connection and the full force of words are not felt through the heart and exited towards the throat the effects are endless, scattered and often then not heart breaking. 

      When this happens it is because those chakra systems are clearly out of balance, you no longer feel your words with emotions before they have escaped your mouth. The same goes with your throat chakra. If you are in turn using language as an endless weapon of assault then your throat chakra is out of balance. 

      For the two to be in balance means you must feel every syllable with every ounce of your being and how that will affect others before you have breathed life into those words. 

      Once we have digested this information and look at the heart and throat chakra in terms of breaking patterns and embracing obscure rituals, we have already made way for a new karmic cycle to begin and healing of those chakras through actions we ourselves take. However, this is all wrapped up inside freedom of will and choice. We must choose to walk down this new path without understanding fully what new language we must study and how our footprints left behind will be affected. 

      To embrace our obscurity within our chakras, is to take out all the bad, and replace it with a system that will serve us, move us, and make us deeply uncomfortable, but thus it is an unknown language and understanding it fully will take time. These are also the moments in which you must use this chakras, this is not a month to set it and forget it. Oh no, you must march up to situations with ease and voice your honest thoughts. Even if they go against the group. But, just like with everything you must prepare for your thoughts to not always be welcomed with open arms. 

      These are the examples of putting yourself out there the actions you must take. Whether it is trying a new church, speed dating, or telling someone how you really, truly feel about them the moments in which they fuck up, they make you happy and vice versa. The language of the heart and throat chakra MUST be used, or the healing will eventually fade off and the chakra systems will close again once more. 

      Embrace the obscure in your life, learn a new language, don’t be surprised when you get a few things wrong trying to navigate through the life times of trauma, and moments where you did not stand up for yourself in your life. Those are on you, inside each of those times you have not listened to your sacral and solar plexus and root chakra working as one to move you into a new pattern that got lost in the delivery. You are your own boundaries and delivery. We can not force you to open your mouth and demonstrate when someone has wronged you. Or give you the humility to look at yourself when you have stood in your own way. The language of the heart and throat chakra is not only said to others, it is spoken to ourselves deep inside our very souls. It is simply a whisper that has turned into a scream. 

      Have a wonderful day I hope you enjoy this blog post!

      What I’m listening too:

      Spirit Says: You are living in a falsehood


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      Sunday Messages

      A while ago I began channeling something called “Sunday Messages” from my spirit guides. Sometimes these were long messages and sometimes these were short. Usually they were not lovey and lighty. Meaning I could not romanticize the psychic work I was doing during these channelings. It was not fun and oftentimes I was forced to stop doing a task to channel even when I didn’t want to. Spirit sometimes comes forward with information that often leaves us hanging with our mouths open and a contorted look on our faces like “I can’t say that to people.” But, spirit would not rest and would not be silenced. So I channeled a way for a long time in private leaving them essentially on my google drive to die a slow death. Meaning these messages would not reach their intended audience. But, again I have been warned and told that it’s time for these messages to thrive and that writing is something I’m meant to be doing. So, here I am. I’m trying to listen even though I don’t fucking want too. Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I hate being psychic even though I know rationally in my mind you can’t escape it. Being a medium is not a disease there is no cure for it. But, as rewarding as it can sometimes be. It’s exhausting. But, again I’m here to serve and my feelings don’t matter on this particular subject. The messages must be heard. So, here we fucking go.. 


      To all the light workers in the world. You are living in a falsehood. We must rise up as a champion of one another instead of a moment of competition. The real healing is inside the fact that we can only heal ourselves. The fact that others listen to us, is to say they are not ready to begin their healing journey alone. 

      That is okay, as mediums we are only bridges and extensions of spirit. We are not touched by god/the gods. We are simply a window into the divine and the divine chooses to speak through us. What the large masses forget is the divine is speaking through them again too. But, always for their own purpose and wants. We choose to follow or unfollow the path laid out before us. It is within those parameters we accept concepts like a controlled religion. 

      This is another falsehood. 

      The control inside religious practice is one human being has placed on it. Not us. Not the messengers or the larger members inside the divine network. 

      There are many levels the human spirit can not see or understand because simply you are not dead yet. We would never give you all the answers because you would try and master death. That is not your purpose. That is not humanity’s purpose.

       Humanities purpose is to relearn their original concept, recycle, and redo until the soul is satisfied it has experienced everything it has wanted too and learned all their lessons. We come to you in one voice so that you may understand. The light is here, but of equal value is the dark, there are many portals of connection we may reach out to you all from, but our true desire is you learn your own personal connection to yourself. It is not about helping a mass group of people, it is about healing you, before you die. You only walk into the doors of death with your soul, and you fall down earth bound with just your soul. 

      We are the higher seven that speak the language that bridges death and life. 

      Enjoy some more articles below

      Top Three Reasons Tarot Readings Can Be the Honest Bestie You Need in Your Life.

      Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

      Today’s Lesson: Listen to mini lessons on what the spirits have to say.

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      Hey, welcome back to the blog. I’m Lexi Tarot Reader, Romance Writer, and so many other things in-between these two titles. How are you doing today? On today’s blog post we’re going to talk about my top five reasons you need a tarot reading in your life. Even if you only ever get one reading.

      What Does The Tarot Mean To Me?

      Reason Number one: When Tarot Cards Find you.

      Tarot to me comes into our lives when we need guidance the most. Even if we aren’t ready to hear the guidance we need. Which often times can hurt. But, it’s like the too honest bestie we need. Tarot brings out in us the change we must seek unless we are to stay victim to our stories that leave us in pain. The pain like a lot of moments in life was always meant to be temporary and not held onto. The tarot cards illuminated what you could not see and did not want to let go of. Tarot cards and tarot readings can be a deeper form of traditional therapy. I believe each of our problems start off as a spiritual one and then become a physical one. They are whispers that turn into screams.

      They are moments we can no longer ignore and bring forth our deepest ugliness and our most precious innocence. Tarot cards help us examine the full scope of what human nature is. The help guide us back to our magic, our hope and amplify our intuition. Respect must be given to these cards, to not respect the cards and their art form is to not respect yourself. The cards are an extension of you after all.

      Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.com

      Best Therapy You Can Buy:

      Reason Number Two It’s cheaper then traditional therapy and more available

      I’ve always considered tarot cards and tarot readings as good therapy. Also, they are usually cheaper than going to a traditional therapist. However, I’m not going to sit here and knock therapy if you need it and it works for you fucking do it. Hell do both if you can. Tarot reading’s for my clients have always brought forth not only deeper introspection but, when paired with some “homework” guided questions or meditations they can usually unlock a lot more and become more helpful.


      They Can Answer Lots of Questions for your Daily Life

      Reason Three: They can give you a direction

      Tarot card readings can be really great at answering questions for your every day life. They can answer questions about your career, direction of where you should be going, they can even give insight on dating advice. Now, this also greatly depends on the tarot reader you choose or if you are more comfortable with reading for yourself. Here is a helpful tip I wish someone would have told me back in the day. **If, you are feeling stuck with your tarot readings ask for help.** Seriously, it’s okay to get a second opinion but I’d also make sure it was a second opinion you trust and not just some random person. Tarot readings at the end of the day are a guide and are also meant to be seen as such. You do not have to live every choice you make based on a shuffle of the cards, but it’s also nice to consult them from time to time when feeling stuck. I know I do.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and I really hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments your thoughts.

      Did you know..

      Did you know I’m creating my own tarot deck? Hell yeah. I love tarot cards so much I decided to venture out and make one myself. You can look at that project down below

      The Night Witches Tarot Deck

      Moody board here

      Down below is a sneak peek of inspiration for The Night Witches Tarot Deck. We’re looking at antique mirrors being a vocal point in the deck. When reading tarot cards you are always looking inward, and the card below is a rough sketch of “The Fool” with a modern twist. The Two girls besides the fool are “the sisters” they guide you through out the deck. Let me know what you think? I’ll be sharing more on the blog.

      If, you would like to support the deck you may do so. People that support the deck their names will be mentioned in the guide book. Currently all readings booked and funds received will go towards paying the artist and I can give you guys more sneak peeks. Support the artist here

      Life Updates

      Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

      Hey Everyone,

      It’s been more then a minute since I’ve done a life update. Well here we go. We finally have everything for the house that we needed and I’m not ashamed to say but we still have a few boxes to update. Rome was not built in a day after all. School is winding down for my kiddios and I’m actually looking forward to a summer I can spend with them since last summer I was heavily pregnant with my son and not as fun. I’ve got some fun kindle vella projects I’ll be working on and releasing soon on the blog. If, you don’t know I started my writing journey with releasing serialized fiction and I love it. I’m also in the throws of starting a garden wish me luck. I’ve never kept any plants alive in my life haha.

      What are your summer plans? Let me know down below!

      Shit I enjoy!

      This woman has my whole heart and soul and I love her recipes. You should try them out. She has taught me so much.

      House Keeping

      Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

      The website has received some updating. Click here for my new links page.


      April is National Poetry Month

      Hi I’m Alexa,

      Welcome to my slice of the internet where I’ll be talking about anything and everything on medium. I’m a tarot reader and dark romance writer and mother in my real life. Ask me any questions about writing or the paranormal. I’m an open book. Enjoying my content? You could be awesome and tip your writer: ps: If, you do I’ll pull a tarot card in my next medium article and give you a shout out just for you. Can’t tip you can always follow for All of the goodies.

      Poetry series: The Dirty Poetry 30

      I’ve always enjoyed poetry, so inspiration has hit me while sitting in the car pool pick up line for my kids. This is also a challenge for myself to keep writing and keep going. For the next 30 days, I’ll be writing a poem a day on here as well as any other article that tickles my fancy.

      I’m dubbing this challenge “The dirty poetry 30” so, if you want to hop on. Tag me in your poems for the day. You can break all the traditional rules of poetry writing here and just follow your heart.

      Update on this obviously it’s April 7th and you haven’t seen seven days worth of poetry here. But, I’ve had a lot of real life stuff coming up with the recent purchase of a home. However, I still wanted to show up in way that I could. So, here you go. Today’s poem:

      Photo by Maulana on Unsplash

      The Way word Road:

      The moments that I find myself in these spaces I am ungrounded in my life. Time seems to slip through my fingers as I watch sun rises and sun sets. I am baffled by the energy around me and I find myself asking

      “Where is all of my energy?”

      “Why can’t I get the same amount of work done that they can?”

      In these moments I forget, I forget I’m supposed to be resting. The mother wound needs healing and I need to be healed. I need the rest. In a world of doers and hustlers’ I find it hard to turn off my constant need to be moving.

      No one talks about the slow movement of rest and the fact that it’s okay to not land where you were previously, if you stayed on this way word road you’d never find your way back home.

      Each time we return to our spiritual homes that home has taken shape differently, a reawakening has begun.

      It’s supposed too, just like with mother nature and the seasons we are meant to shift. We are not meant to be chasing wealth.

      Instead as I find myself way word I look within and try to remind the greed in me it’s okay to rest today.

      It’s okay to do nothing today.

      Coming back to your spirit, your soul is a journey that should not be rushed. Too many times people want to become more than what they are to chase a dollar that has no value, the value in the work we must do within ourselves.

      The moments that I find myself in these spaces I am ungrounded in my life. Time seems to slip through my fingers as I watch sun rises and sun sets. I am baffled by the energy around me and I find myself asking

      “Where is all of my energy?”

      “Why can’t I get the same amount of work done that they can?”

      As gentle as a finger tip touch, I hear a whisper on the wind. “You are meant to rest, to wander within, what you seek will find you.”

      I hope you enjoyed The Way Ward Road. I’m at a really weird road in my life where I’m trying to build a business but, also be there for my infant son. But, I have to stop and remind myself he is only so little for a time. The are so many more moments you will have to build a legacy to leave him. If, you enjoyed this poem please be sure to give me a follow on medium.


      Looking for a Tarot Reading?

      My services are open for May click here to get your readings today!

      Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

      Tarot Reading’s and Healings offered:

      The Three Rule Reading: This will be a reading you get for 15-20 minutes at a time, this reading will be for one session recurring for three months. One session a month for three month time frame. We can talk about what you want to talk about here. Questions on career, love, wanting a new house? Needing general guidance? These readings can be done remotely meaning you don’t have to show up. I’d require a selfie and a voice clip to get a reading on your energy if I’ve never read for you before. You will get a video recording of your reading and you may provide feedback or ask questions as always. I’ll be back in touch within 24 hours time frame. Usually quicker than that. I just ask within 72 hours you email me your questions before your reading if you have any. If, you have none we will be pulling cards for general guidance. These sessions when priced individually are $37 dollars per session.

      Full Body Tarot

      Full Body Tarot this combines a tarot reading which is usually a six card spread that I do and a reiki energy healing session. This time frame will be spread out over three months one tarot and reiki healing session a month. These sessions will last between 20 minutes and one hour. These are fully recorded and will be remote meaning you do not have to be there to receive the reading or the healing. The price is $244 or $81.00 dollars per session.

      Thank you for stopping by the blog. Stay social friends!

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