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The Witches Circle Community

What is The Witches Circle?

The Witches Circle is a community of like minded individuals whom come together to discover a deeper part of themselves. Perhaps this is a moment in which you want to experience your spiritual side or you just are wanting validation that what you are experiencing is in fact real. Thats where The Witches Circle comes in. Here we gather with a handful of people in a private space on the mighty network app to go through and experince the following:

  • Monthly Mindful Moments calendar that is linked to your google calendar on ical. Please follow the steps provided to link the calendar on your phone. The Mindful Moments will also be listed in the mighty networks app as well. These moments are reminders to be slow and steady for yourself. They will also have a lunar notification of where the moon is on any given time of the month.
  • You will also be getting a monthly energy reading with a mixture of tarot and oracle cards to prepare yourself for what spirit has to say
  • A monthly themed journal with what we will be going over for the month.
  • One reiki medicine practice: These will include all members where you will get a recording of the healing in the mighty network app, I’ll be using a variety of tools to facilitate this practice. Through crystals, candles, oils, and giving a small energetic reading.
  • Full Moon intentions burn bowl/Meditation/ Higher Practice work: Burn Bowl Ceremony: Simply send me your intentions and a burning will take place. We will do this through the mighty networks app or I may post a instagram story sticker on my instagram stories. Meditation: These will be special meditations designed to help you release anything for the full moon. Higher Self Practice: You will go on journeys to work with your spirit guides. These offerings will change throughout the months. Not every month will have the same offerings. All of this will be for $10 dollars a month. An extended version of this is coming for $20 where all members have access to this information + all information such as classes that are listed on my website. Please choose your plan.

A years worth of content for the witches circle

This will be a one time purchase for a years worth of content for the 2021-2022 year. This is for the $10 dollar a month plan. If, you would like to pay monthly, this will be done through paypal invoice. You invoice will be sent the 1st of the month. Please reach out to me in you need a monthly


A passive general Tarot Reading

This is a general tarot video link: We will answer one to two questions in these videos. You may give the questions through email if you like please email me These video readings will be youtube links sent to your email. These are great, when wanting a cute little energy reading to just get you through a hard time. This is just a reading, no energy work is involved. Readings are remote, we do not meet over zoom. You may email me follow up questions that I can answer later or provide feed back on your reading. Let’s go through how you would schedule your reading and get in touch with me: Step 1: Pay for your reading Step 2: Please email me the following information: – A current selfie – Your name – A screenshot you have paid – Any questions you want answered for your reading Important Notes: Please allow a two week turn around for video readings. All tarot readings. These will all be sent through a youtube link.


A Year of You

Usually I do a new year, new you reading. Today, I’m excited to announce a different kind of New Year, New You reading. Here we will be doing a year of guidance for you personally. Now what does that look like? This is a FULL YEAR OF PERSONAL ENERGETIC READINGS + REIKI! I’m excited to offer this? Can you tell? What do you get? -Weekly personal readings -personal reiki (weekly offering) -Chakra Check in (once a month offering) -Personal mental health journal (monthly) These are personalized writing prompts for you that are delivered via google forms for you to keep We will be doing this over a year of working together and digging deep This will be for the 2022-2023 Year If, you are booking for this service now we start now. Reading’s will be passive meaning you will not be present during the reading. Readings will be scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday’s along with the other digital goodies mentioned above. You will also have the option to be apart of the Witches circle for free for the year as membership is included in this price. Multiple offerings are included in this one year of you package and the value of this is over 1,000+ The Witches Circle membership $120 Readings: $40-$80 a reading Reiki services :$75 and more. Due to the nature of this price pay attention to the following instructions below: IF YOU NEED A PAYMENT PLAN. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS NOW. EMAIL ME! Step 1: If, wanting this service please email me We will work out a payment plan through paypal and we will take it that way. Step 2: Send me the following information – Your email -Your intentions for this offering -Goals -Questions Only serious individuals whom are ready to do work will be considered for this offering. As such these readings and workings are for entertainment purposes only, I reserve the right to not read for an individual, I do not answer legal questions, or medical ones.


Reiki Drip

Reiki is energetic healing, that can help you push past bearies and boundaries that could be holding you back in life. We as healing practitioners use reiki as a way of healing the physical and spiritual body. Is it alway a guarantee that the physical body will be healed through reiki? No, it is not. But over the years I have seen it do some interesting things temporarily. This reiki service is for one individual time setting. You do not need to bring anything or do anything to prepare for this reiki, simply being open to receive is all that is needed. Once the session is complete you will receieve a PDF or audio file to listen too your session. Addtional questions or feedback is always welcome post session. ATTENTION After paying for your reading/ service please email me and let me know Email the following items – Your email address A current working one you check often! – A selfie


Tips are appreciated.

Tips are always appreciated to your tarot reader or energy worker. You can always provide more if you feel called. Thank you for trusting me with this work.


Cord Cutting Ceremony and Homework

This is a case by case situation. Please do not purchase this unless you know what you are energetically asking for. What do you get. We will discuss through email what’s been going on. I do a base reading and then you provide feedback on the “blocks” /triggers that have been brought up. The energetic work that is done will be through candle work over a period of time. You will be given candle updates as the candle burns down and a PDF file delivered to your email on what was brought up during the candle, “Cord cutting” breaking. Once the candle work is done the energetic cords should be cut. You will also be given an individual meditation to do on your own as “homework” to break the bond with your spirit guides assistance. Follow up questions and comments are ALWAYS WELCOME through email and encouraged. Please provide your email so I may get in touch with you if I have never read for you before. my email is


Akashic Records Reading

Our past lives are important. When you step into the Akashic Record’s with me as your healer, we will be looking at past lives, lessons that you need to remember, chakra systems, and any advanced psychic abilities from the past and or present. If, there are pieces of you that step forward and they have additional messages we will look into those as well. This is for someone discovering their psychic abilities through the lens of the records. We go over in detail what the records are, how I access them, and if any additional healing work needs to be done at the end of the session we will also do this. Tarot and oracle cards can be pulled during this session. Special Notes: This session is remote, it will not be a one on one live, but will be one hour in length, you will get a full recording of your session for you to keep. Additionally, if reiki energy healing is needed during the session you will receive this as well. When purchasing this on PayPal please put in the notes, your active email so I may have a way to contact you and communicate further. Please expect a two week turn around for this reading.


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