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Do These Three Things When Your Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense.

If the reading feels confusing or vague, ask clarifying questions to the cards. For example, you can say, “Can you provide more insight into this aspect of the reading?” or “What should I focus on to better understand this situation?”

Pull additional cards to shed light on specific areas or cards that seem unclear

Finally Reading Tarot Again..

I’m back! Hello, everyone from my corner of the internet. I’m back reading tarot again and wanted to share my experiences so far. Every time I walk away from tarot reading I’m in this weird position of “should I go back to the real world?” Have a normal themed job. For some people we have…

Sale, Sale, and Sale

Hello witches and readers, Good morning and it’s so great to “see” everyone gathering here. I wanted to announce a few things on the blog. As the title suggests I’m having a sale on all the things to get ready for spooky season. I’ll be opening up my website for tarot reading sales all through…


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