Blogmas Day 1


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Update on this. I’m about 7 days behind on “blogmas” but, I’m pretty sure I can get this in. Says, to self in witch cackles and procrastination voice.

Dear readers and Witches,

Happy Yule and happy blogmas,

I’m so excited to have you all here today with me. Let me start with an introduction to who I am since this is a brand spanking new blog and I feel like we should get to another each other. What do you say? Yeah. Okay, here we go.

For what ever reason the above sentence felt a little like I was asking ya’ll out. I mean I do hope you will continue to show up for my blog soooo…

“Hey, readers heyyyyy…” 🙂

Since we are in the season of Christmas I’m going to give you a short little list of all the things that I love about the season in a festive way to get to know me.

First things first abuelitas hot chocolate is the the shit. Don’t try to convince me of others existence.

Two witch craft and writing was not my first website. I’ve had multiple ones over the years. They have always been tarot related in some way shape or form. I have a long relationship with tarot. I just love it and it was brought comfort to me over the years.

Third when I was younger I used to watch soap operas with my grandmother. Three o’clock was prime time to watch General Hospital and you did not touch the tv.

Fourth growing up I have a Christmas tradition we always watch a super cute Christmas movie and eat a ham and cheese and crackers dinner. It was never fancy and never needed to be. The best traditions are simple ones.

Fifth: Since really accepting my own spiritual lifestyle I always associate ghosts and dead people “our ancestors” with every holiday. Just like in life they want to be around us even on holidays other than Halloween.

Psychic Truth Bomb they actually are.

Sixth: I don’t make new year resolutions any more. I make vision boards for myself. This is a cute way to “see” where I’m going and one help me practice my manifestation goals but, two helps me relax which during the holidays we all need that. Each year my “vision board” looks different. Most of the time I put it in my journal of the year. Keep it at the front so I can reflect. But, I always do them around this time of year.

Seven: I’m a sucker for a romance book. Throw in a holiday theme and some smut and I’m throwing money at you like I’m at a Vegas strip club.

It’s been my not so secret dream to write a romance novel of my own, and either publish it myself or become traditionally published. Don’t let any one stop you from your “hobbies” that light you up. That’s how we feed our creative inner child that sometimes can get stamped out through life, or through bad parenting.

I know I wrote a collection of poetry that completely helped me get through my second spiritual awakening. I turned it into a “series” on kind Vella. Check it out here

Eight: I love reliving my childhood Christmas movie favorites. I’ll have to make a list to help love on my inner 80’s baby, but, there is seriously something about watching Home Alone over a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate or coffee and other snacks with my kids that just comforts me you know? Create the vibes. We never know as parents to little what is gonna stick in their tiny heads and what is not. Every moment is a memory that lives in the soul somewhere, creating a blueprint of your relationship with others.

When it comes to kids that matters a lot. Find your moments, find your memories this holiday season. We never know when we are making them what they are.

Nine: Roller-coaster’s used to be my favorite ride at any tourist trap, or theme park. I’ve discovered after our last trip to Disney World I’d much rather eat and drink my way through any adventure I take in the future by myself or with people. This is my new favorite way to spend time when not plugged into this matrix of life.

Ten: Whew if you have made it this far in the blog post congrats, and thank you for fucking getting to know me. My last favorite thing is You. You who take the time to support me, you all who read these blog posts and interact with them, you who book tarot readings and trust me with your inner most lives, you who listen to my podcast, or other social media. You. who simply see me. I want to end this little first blogmas post by saying, I see you too.

Happy Blogmas everyone.


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