Hello, fellow witches.


Back Story: Welcome My friends and Witches.

Let me take you back to the year 2003 and a younger version of myself was having my first spiritual awakening. Let me tell you friends it was not pretty at all. My mother had just passed away, whom herself had tried to teach me how to read tarot and pendulum readings before her passing. The entire time she was trying to teach me these things, I remember slightly not believing her accounts of her experiences with the dead in our home. Everything was “cool” and not real. If, it was real after all her experiences than so were mine as well. I was having slightly the same “spiritual” experiences with my dead people as her. But, at 12 you don’t always want to believe what is before your eyes. Thinking haunting of hill house scary and the blair witch project back when it was “scary” times ten thousand. As I moved things became worse, until for a long time they were very quite. Then after the birth of my second child and some more traumatic events of family passing away, my second spiritual awakening began to happen. Determined to learn to deal with my psychic senses this time and really embrace them and my on going reality for what it was. I sought out spiritual teachers who could help me hone in on my gifts. For that I have many, but so do you my dear friend. No matter how scared you think you are, I promise, I have walked in similar shoes.

The Witches Way:

Reading tarot is in my blood as I’m a second generation tarot reader. But my true passion is using the tarot to uncover truths about ourselves that may be uncomfortable to hear—to use the cards to help you shake up those energies that are blocked through trauma or with generational karmic issues and heal it up through spiritual counseling and tarot services, reiki, and energy movement. I’m a reiki master, and creatrix of candles, mala bracelets, several books of poetry and  mala necklaces. Witches Brew shop is a constant revolving door of spiritual tools, goods and services.  Every interaction we have and interact with in any way is spiritual in nature. I love connecting people to help them achieve their truest potential and heal them from within.

After all we can’t find peace until we have all our pieces.  

A note on my upcoming writing adventures:

Hello everyone that chooses to come to this wonderful place. If, you are here from a book I wrote. Thank you for checking out my little unique space on the internet. I’m so happy you are here. I’m working hard on some dark romance pieces (that may turn some clients away and that is okay.) and a another collection of poetry.

Spirit Says: You are living in a falsehood

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April is National Poetry Month

Hi I’m Alexa, Welcome to my slice of the internet where I’ll be talking about anything and everything on medium. I’m a tarot reader and dark romance writer and mother in my real life. Ask me any questions about writing or the paranormal. I’m an open book. Enjoying my content? You could be awesome and tip…

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