Thank You Joy For Bringing The Blog Joy.

January 4th, 2021 Our supporter post for this month goes to this beautiful soul. Thank you. If, you donate to the blog I’ll be shouting you out and giving a mini reading for you as well. So enjoy Joy. You are the first official donor to the blog and I wanted to celebrate you. BelowContinue reading “Thank You Joy For Bringing The Blog Joy.”

Witchy Woman Lead Businesses I love on Instagram

Welcome to my gift guide for the holiday season. Are you still stressed on what to buy that spiritual witchy friend? Maybe you guys don’t vibe that way and you still want to show the support for the witchy friend that makes your day. I’ve got you hands down all the things the witchy, tarotContinue reading “Witchy Woman Lead Businesses I love on Instagram”

Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass

A little advice for each zodiac sign to start their week off right. Good Luck ya’ll it’s a jungle Sassy Advice for that Zodiac Ass Horoscopes for December 12-6-12-13-2021 : Let’s Look at our Air Signs first: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini Oh, dear. Heyyy my fellow air signs heyyyy. I heard some spirits talking aboutContinue reading “Weekly Energetic Slap in The Zodiac Ass”