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Welcome to The Witches Circle.

The Witches Circle is a healing place we can establish our own spiritual routines for those of us that do not have one. How you establish that routine is up to you. But, during the month I’ll be providing different ways in which you can explore your spirituality and links to different things I find helpful. Each month you will get the following when you sign up for the site:

Monthly theme these will change, please look down below to see the themes for the next year.

A monthly forecast of tarot and oracle cards to see the month ahead.

Intuitive journal prompts: Meaning I take time to listen to the energy around me and give you all generalized prompts that can help you through out the month

Book Club: For years people have asked for my “resources” well here we will come together to read a book over the span of a few months based on the theme and a vote that you all can do on the website the month before. There is no pressure to participate but this is what I’m reading and I figured I’d share it with you all.

Mindful Moments Calendar: This is a working calendar that’s public through google that can be added to your iphone or android calendar with daily reminders about the cosmic energy, a ritual to do, moments to rest etc. This is for the baby witch who has no idea how to establish a routine of things. This calendar will also notify you of shops sales and other projects I am working on.

A Channeled spirit message: Each month we will be working on ways to communicate with our dead people, and establishing a relationship with them through a meditation or through our channeled messages

Session’s: Each month my clients will be given reiki either on the full or new moon depending on what spirit says, a meditation and a psychic exercise to do. This can be also be a group spell work that can be done on your own but I first guide you to do so. All sessions will have replays to them and you will be given time to collect your replays. Replays and things will also go into our archive for the month, you may also get for a fee. * This will be announced later on in June of 2022. *

The Witches Circle also provides text reminders, and a daily mental health check in with a positive affirmation if you have signed up for texting. If, you do not sign up for text messages emails will be used.

Wanting to join? Shoot us an email TODAY! We look forward to seeing you. Below is this years themes:

Monthly payments through the witches circle are done through recurring PayPal Invoice only. If, you do not pay your invoice you do not get access to the months content. Please click the button below and contact me if you are interested in joining the witches circle.


Text: 904-602-6739

Please allow a 3 day turn around for text messages, emails and direct messages.

The Themes for the year 2022

Special Note: All Themes will have messages from your dead people and further education on how our dead people are interacting with us even when we don’t notice.

January 2022 : The month of mantra, we we work on our collective and personal self confidence

February 2022: Letting go of our psychic bullshit

March 2022: Ancestral realm

April 2022: Our uncomfortable Truths

May 2022: Love Thy Inner Goddess/God

June 2022: Grounding and Earth Magic

July 2022: Baby Witch Tips

August 2022: Holding Space

September 2022: Our Past Lives

October 2022: Spirit Guides Finding Them and Speaking To Our Dead People

November 2022: Ghosts, Angels and Demons Do’s and Don’ts

December 2022: Recognizing Your Rituals And Yule

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