Spirit Says: You are living in a falsehood


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Sunday Messages

A while ago I began channeling something called “Sunday Messages” from my spirit guides. Sometimes these were long messages and sometimes these were short. Usually they were not lovey and lighty. Meaning I could not romanticize the psychic work I was doing during these channelings. It was not fun and oftentimes I was forced to stop doing a task to channel even when I didn’t want to. Spirit sometimes comes forward with information that often leaves us hanging with our mouths open and a contorted look on our faces like “I can’t say that to people.” But, spirit would not rest and would not be silenced. So I channeled a way for a long time in private leaving them essentially on my google drive to die a slow death. Meaning these messages would not reach their intended audience. But, again I have been warned and told that it’s time for these messages to thrive and that writing is something I’m meant to be doing. So, here I am. I’m trying to listen even though I don’t fucking want too. Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I hate being psychic even though I know rationally in my mind you can’t escape it. Being a medium is not a disease there is no cure for it. But, as rewarding as it can sometimes be. It’s exhausting. But, again I’m here to serve and my feelings don’t matter on this particular subject. The messages must be heard. So, here we fucking go.. 


To all the light workers in the world. You are living in a falsehood. We must rise up as a champion of one another instead of a moment of competition. The real healing is inside the fact that we can only heal ourselves. The fact that others listen to us, is to say they are not ready to begin their healing journey alone. 

That is okay, as mediums we are only bridges and extensions of spirit. We are not touched by god/the gods. We are simply a window into the divine and the divine chooses to speak through us. What the large masses forget is the divine is speaking through them again too. But, always for their own purpose and wants. We choose to follow or unfollow the path laid out before us. It is within those parameters we accept concepts like a controlled religion. 

This is another falsehood. 

The control inside religious practice is one human being has placed on it. Not us. Not the messengers or the larger members inside the divine network. 

There are many levels the human spirit can not see or understand because simply you are not dead yet. We would never give you all the answers because you would try and master death. That is not your purpose. That is not humanity’s purpose.

 Humanities purpose is to relearn their original concept, recycle, and redo until the soul is satisfied it has experienced everything it has wanted too and learned all their lessons. We come to you in one voice so that you may understand. The light is here, but of equal value is the dark, there are many portals of connection we may reach out to you all from, but our true desire is you learn your own personal connection to yourself. It is not about helping a mass group of people, it is about healing you, before you die. You only walk into the doors of death with your soul, and you fall down earth bound with just your soul. 

We are the higher seven that speak the language that bridges death and life. 

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