Top Three Reasons Tarot Readings Can Be the Honest Bestie You Need in Your Life.

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Today’s Lesson: Listen to mini lessons on what the spirits have to say.

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Hey, welcome back to the blog. I’m Lexi Tarot Reader, Romance Writer, and so many other things in-between these two titles. How are you doing today? On today’s blog post we’re going to talk about my top five reasons you need a tarot reading in your life. Even if you only ever get one reading.

What Does The Tarot Mean To Me?

Reason Number one: When Tarot Cards Find you.

Tarot to me comes into our lives when we need guidance the most. Even if we aren’t ready to hear the guidance we need. Which often times can hurt. But, it’s like the too honest bestie we need. Tarot brings out in us the change we must seek unless we are to stay victim to our stories that leave us in pain. The pain like a lot of moments in life was always meant to be temporary and not held onto. The tarot cards illuminated what you could not see and did not want to let go of. Tarot cards and tarot readings can be a deeper form of traditional therapy. I believe each of our problems start off as a spiritual one and then become a physical one. They are whispers that turn into screams.

They are moments we can no longer ignore and bring forth our deepest ugliness and our most precious innocence. Tarot cards help us examine the full scope of what human nature is. The help guide us back to our magic, our hope and amplify our intuition. Respect must be given to these cards, to not respect the cards and their art form is to not respect yourself. The cards are an extension of you after all.

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Best Therapy You Can Buy:

Reason Number Two It’s cheaper then traditional therapy and more available

I’ve always considered tarot cards and tarot readings as good therapy. Also, they are usually cheaper than going to a traditional therapist. However, I’m not going to sit here and knock therapy if you need it and it works for you fucking do it. Hell do both if you can. Tarot reading’s for my clients have always brought forth not only deeper introspection but, when paired with some “homework” guided questions or meditations they can usually unlock a lot more and become more helpful.


They Can Answer Lots of Questions for your Daily Life

Reason Three: They can give you a direction

Tarot card readings can be really great at answering questions for your every day life. They can answer questions about your career, direction of where you should be going, they can even give insight on dating advice. Now, this also greatly depends on the tarot reader you choose or if you are more comfortable with reading for yourself. Here is a helpful tip I wish someone would have told me back in the day. **If, you are feeling stuck with your tarot readings ask for help.** Seriously, it’s okay to get a second opinion but I’d also make sure it was a second opinion you trust and not just some random person. Tarot readings at the end of the day are a guide and are also meant to be seen as such. You do not have to live every choice you make based on a shuffle of the cards, but it’s also nice to consult them from time to time when feeling stuck. I know I do.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I really hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments your thoughts.

Did you know..

Did you know I’m creating my own tarot deck? Hell yeah. I love tarot cards so much I decided to venture out and make one myself. You can look at that project down below

The Night Witches Tarot Deck

Moody board here

Down below is a sneak peek of inspiration for The Night Witches Tarot Deck. We’re looking at antique mirrors being a vocal point in the deck. When reading tarot cards you are always looking inward, and the card below is a rough sketch of “The Fool” with a modern twist. The Two girls besides the fool are “the sisters” they guide you through out the deck. Let me know what you think? I’ll be sharing more on the blog.

If, you would like to support the deck you may do so. People that support the deck their names will be mentioned in the guide book. Currently all readings booked and funds received will go towards paying the artist and I can give you guys more sneak peeks. Support the artist here

Life Updates

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Hey Everyone,

It’s been more then a minute since I’ve done a life update. Well here we go. We finally have everything for the house that we needed and I’m not ashamed to say but we still have a few boxes to update. Rome was not built in a day after all. School is winding down for my kiddios and I’m actually looking forward to a summer I can spend with them since last summer I was heavily pregnant with my son and not as fun. I’ve got some fun kindle vella projects I’ll be working on and releasing soon on the blog. If, you don’t know I started my writing journey with releasing serialized fiction and I love it. I’m also in the throws of starting a garden wish me luck. I’ve never kept any plants alive in my life haha.

What are your summer plans? Let me know down below!

Shit I enjoy!

This woman has my whole heart and soul and I love her recipes. You should try them out. She has taught me so much.

House Keeping

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