Spirit Says: Listen To Your Use Of Language

Hello Everyone, It’s your favorite tarot reader and reiki healer here with another channeled message for you. Just like last week’s channeled message which you can find here.

This weeks Sunday message was slightly delayed due to well life. Please be patient with me as I schedule these out today.


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A while ago I began channeling something called “Sunday Messages” from my spirit guides. Sometimes these were long messages and sometimes these were short. Usually they were not lovey and lightly. Meaning I could not romanticize the psychic work I was doing during these channelings. It was not fun and oftentimes I was forced to stop doing a task to channel even when I didn’t want to. Spirit sometimes comes forward with information that often leaves us hanging with our mouths open and a contorted look on our faces like “I can’t say that to people.” But, spirit would not rest and would not be silenced. So I channeled a way for a long time in private leaving them essentially on my google drive to die a slow death. Meaning these messages would not reach their intended audience. But, again I have been warned and told that it’s time for these messages to thrive and that writing is something I’m meant to be doing. So, here I am. I’m trying to listen even though I don’t fucking want too. Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I hate being psychic even though I know rationally in my mind you can’t escape it. Being a medium is not a disease there is no cure for it. But, as rewarding as it can sometimes be. It’s exhausting. But, again I’m here to serve and my feelings don’t matter on this particular subject. The messages must be heard. So, here we fucking go.. 


Embracing Obscure language of the heart and throat chakra: 

Language is a fickle and funny thing. So, much of it can become misconstrued in obvious ways, especially the English language. There must be a connection between the two. Words are and have always been infinite. Once it’s put out into the universe it can not be taken back. That is where the language of the heart and throat chakra is concerned; If, there is no connection and the full force of words are not felt through the heart and exited towards the throat the effects are endless, scattered and often then not heart breaking. 

When this happens it is because those chakra systems are clearly out of balance, you no longer feel your words with emotions before they have escaped your mouth. The same goes with your throat chakra. If you are in turn using language as an endless weapon of assault then your throat chakra is out of balance. 

For the two to be in balance means you must feel every syllable with every ounce of your being and how that will affect others before you have breathed life into those words. 

Once we have digested this information and look at the heart and throat chakra in terms of breaking patterns and embracing obscure rituals, we have already made way for a new karmic cycle to begin and healing of those chakras through actions we ourselves take. However, this is all wrapped up inside freedom of will and choice. We must choose to walk down this new path without understanding fully what new language we must study and how our footprints left behind will be affected. 

To embrace our obscurity within our chakras, is to take out all the bad, and replace it with a system that will serve us, move us, and make us deeply uncomfortable, but thus it is an unknown language and understanding it fully will take time. These are also the moments in which you must use this chakras, this is not a month to set it and forget it. Oh no, you must march up to situations with ease and voice your honest thoughts. Even if they go against the group. But, just like with everything you must prepare for your thoughts to not always be welcomed with open arms. 

These are the examples of putting yourself out there the actions you must take. Whether it is trying a new church, speed dating, or telling someone how you really, truly feel about them the moments in which they fuck up, they make you happy and vice versa. The language of the heart and throat chakra MUST be used, or the healing will eventually fade off and the chakra systems will close again once more. 

Embrace the obscure in your life, learn a new language, don’t be surprised when you get a few things wrong trying to navigate through the life times of trauma, and moments where you did not stand up for yourself in your life. Those are on you, inside each of those times you have not listened to your sacral and solar plexus and root chakra working as one to move you into a new pattern that got lost in the delivery. You are your own boundaries and delivery. We can not force you to open your mouth and demonstrate when someone has wronged you. Or give you the humility to look at yourself when you have stood in your own way. The language of the heart and throat chakra is not only said to others, it is spoken to ourselves deep inside our very souls. It is simply a whisper that has turned into a scream. 

Have a wonderful day I hope you enjoy this blog post!

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