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The Theme for November is ” Spirit Communication”

Usually you should expect some theme for group work to be on gratitude right? But what if it’s not on being grateful? What is spirit/the spirit’s demand to be heard again and again. During a lot of client readings I was working on I came across this one main theme. Ancestors. Everyone’s ancestors, spirit guides and dead people were talking loud and clearly. So, I listened.

So, inside my paid subscription group I chose for us to look through spirit communication. How we hear it, and how we interact with it. Below is the welcome for the month and some highlights of what is offered.

Welcome everyone to November:

We are going to be having the following offerings from now on:

  • Monthly Mindful Moments calendar that is linked to your google calendar on ical. Please follow the steps provided to link the calendar on your phone. The Mindful Moments will also be listed in the mighty networks app as well. These moments are reminders to be slow and steady for yourself. They will also have a lunar notification of where the moon is on any given time of the month.
  • You will also be getting a monthly energy reading with a mixture of tarot and oracle cards to prepare yourself for what spirit has to say
  • A monthly themed journal with what we will be going over for the month.
  • One reiki medicine practice: These will include all members where you will get a recording of the healing in the mighty network app, I’ll be using a variety of tools to facilitate this practice. Through crystals, candles, oils, and giving a small energetic reading.
  • Full Moon intentions burn bowl/Meditation/ Higher Practice work: Burn Bowl Ceremony: Simply send me your intentions and a burning will take place. We will do this through the mighty networks app or I may post a instagram story sticker on my instagram stories. Meditation: These will be special meditations designed to help you release anything for the full moon. Higher Self Practice: You will go on journeys to work with your spirit guides. These offerings will change throughout the months. Not every month will have the same offerings.

This month’s theme is “Spirit Communication”

Spirit communication to the other side can happen in a variety of ways. Depending on your strongest psychic ability is how you may find this happens for you inside your practice. Each time you are having a psychic experience you are flexing your psychic muscles. You are psychic, I am psychic. It’s all in how much you use your abilities. 

Feeling like you can not connect or going through a spiritual awakening. No worries. You are simply right where you need to be at this moment in space and time. 

How do I personally hear spirit communicate with me? 

I personally hear spirit/spirit guides and dead people through the use of several different clair’s that are all acting at once. Often times I hear my own inner voice in my head but she’s saying things I normally wouldn’t say. Other times it is a smell, a taste, or a touch, a feeling of something that is not quite there but is. 

I have worked extremely hard to change my mindset on when these things happen reacting in fear and closing it out. I welcome it in. These are just moments from spirit in which i am not alone. Neither are you. The dead, and our ancestors are not out to get us by any means at all. 

What does it feel like for spirit to speak to you? 

Is it uncomfortable? 

How do you physically feel after channeling energy? 

I invite you this last month of fall and as we go into the long dark winter to see how you are feeling or where things have changed with your communication with spiritual energy. 

I’m really excited about the rest of this month and ways in which we can slow down, be thankful for the spirit energy around us, rest and reset. 

How are you with your dead people? Do you believe that there is another side?

Feeling like this community might be for you? Join for the year here:

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