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Hello Friends it’s great to see you here. It’s been a while since I’ve had the shop open. All services listed below are final. Please allow ten business days for your service to reach you.

The Familiar:

This Tarot Reading is based off of how we see ourselves verses how the outside world will see us. The goal of this reading is to help you embrace your best self and your inner magic. This reading can be customized to a specific question. One question per reading please.

Video length is 20+ minutes

Will be a recorded YouTube video link for you to keep forever

Please allow up too ten business days to receive your reading. If, there is a delay I’ll contact you through email.

Suggested Topics for this reading are:

  • How your ex sees you
  • How your family sees you
  • How people see your business
  • How to be your inner most self when everyone is judging you

The Familiar


Gossiping Spirit’s

These are messages straight from your spirit guides. This is a combination reading with tarot and oracle cards.

There will be two different sizes if this reading to select from

Mini 10 minutes

Full Reading 40 + minutes

Readings are recorded via YouTube video.

Please allow up to ten business days to receive your reading

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Mini Reading


Full Reading

This reading is 40+ minutes


Crystal Ball Reading

This reading is a combination of tarot and oracle readings. This reading is best for someone looking for an answer to a specific question or need. One question per reading here. Follow up question’s after this reading and you will be sent a link to a tip charge for extra time.

Suggested topics:

  • What will be the out come of a certain situation
  • When should you move, ask for a promotion etc.
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Crystal Ball Reading

mini reading 1 question


Full Crystal Ball Reading

This is a full reading 20+ minutes


Enchanted Web

This is a 14 card tarot card and oracle card reading.

Topics Suggested:

  • Making choices
  • Moving to a new location
  • How to move from one person/ situation

Enchanted Web Reading

This is a full reading 20+ minutes


Protection Broom

This is a tarot and oracle card reading. For these readings we will focus on struggles, and blocks in career, love, life, and overall health and energy. No questions are needed for this reading.


Protection Broom

Full Reading.


La Luna

A 15 card tarot and oracle card reading, this reading gives you an idea of the timeline in which something is going to happen. This reading is perfect for questions or situations in your life that require deeper inspection. Perfect when trying to manifest something.

Suggested Topics:

Contemplating a divorce

Comtemplating marriage

Leaving a job


Having Kids

The spread used:

** Tarot spread created by me if you use this please cite me**

La Luna: Energetic vibes

The Stars: What we should speak into exsistance

The Shifter: The potiential outcome

Midnight: How long will this take to happen


La Luna

Full Reading will be 30+ minutes


Séance’ Reading

This is a fully remote reading. These readings will be private and not posted to YouTube but, be under a unlisted YouTube link that will be on your own page on my website –

This reading will be a channeled messages reading from your dead people, sprite guides and angels. This reading will also come with a personal tarot card and oracle spread to see what the ancestors have to say to you.

Time Frame: (60 minutes +)

Suggested Topics:

Messages from loved ones

Messages from spirit guides

Confirmations of loved ones are around

Tarot Spread

Dreamer: What should you focus on now?

Healing: What do we need to let go of?

Fall Out: Things that needs to be removed in order to move forward.

Oracle Spread: (Direct messages from spirits around you)

What they want from/ for you

What they’re doing

What you should do to find peace

(Reiki sent to you at the end of session)


Full Sceance Reading

See description above


Witches Cleanse

Blend of tarot/ oracle and reiki energy reading and healing.

We will focus on which ever topic / area of the body of your choosing. If, you are feeling blocked this might be the reading for you.

Suggested topics:

energy cleanse

third eye activation

relaxation and peace


healing on a specific area of the body.


Witches Cleanse

full video reading and healing. This will be in two parts.


Lover’s Enchantment

Full size love and relationship reading. This reading will need full names date’s of birth of the couple.

Suggested Topics:


for single people when will you find love

The spread

The mage (your energy)

The magician (Their energy)

Cauldron ( How both of your energies are together)

Herbs (block in relationships)

Eyes of frog (what are yall not seeing)

Two drops of death ( what do ya’ll both contribute to the relationship)

Witches Foot ( How to approach this)

Unicorn Wish ( protentional wish for the future of your relationship

Index Finger ( Direction)

Ring Finger ( Energy of your soul mate)

Bleeding Hearts ( positive about your relationship

Potion (final out come of your love)


Lovers Enchantment

Full love Reading


Ghosts In The Attic

This reading is not for the fate of heart, this reading will focus on our shadow side to bring in the light. Everything about this reading will be things you need to improve on.

This readings are darker and heavy. You are warned

Spell work to banish negative energies will be performed after the reading and you will get updated pictures of spell work.

black and brown stairs beside window

Ghosts In The Attic

Full shadow work reading


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