Surprise I’m Making A Tarot Deck

Currently, I’m taking donations for the tarot deck and all proceeds will be going to pay the fabulous artist and get the printing under way. You can donate here


Introducing The Fool

Hey Witches,

These few months have been busy ones and while I had the best intentions with this project on here, it has also fallen through the cracks and it’s now become one more thing I must pick up. A forgotten promise to myself, and a real life pattern of spreading myself too thin that I need to break. I’ve recently gotten this reading from another psychic. Her advice was so simple, and down to earth she said to me “The spirits want you to know you can have what you want but you must have balance in what you want.” Balance is a fucking nightmare to an air sign like me. We are constantly full of the best ideas with little execution because we go from one thing to the next too often.

I’m making it a point to break the damn habit of this TODAY. Even if no one reads these project blogs, if no one wants to fall in love with these stories and decks like I am. I’m showing up for myself here. Now that I’m done with my fucking pep talk to myself let’s get to it..

Wow, I haven’t written on this thing in forever. I wanted to update you guys on The Night Witches Tarot deck. First of all the deck has become more modernized here with the fool card where I’ll link below the sketches for this.

I’m so excited with this deck coming up. My hope is the kick starter and funding will be released Halloween 2024. Here is a description we finally landed on between me and the artist.

You will see the girl sitting in a the circle of her own creation, and the sister’s / spirit guides of the deck sit next to her. These are her spirit guides, they are my spirit guides and they are your spirit guides. We all have “spirits” that guide us. We are all born with the army of guides, angels, etc that are here to help us, we only have to call on them to hear and know there journey with us.

The sisters represent myself and another healer who helped me along my spiritual path. She helped me understand that not all spiritual work in cut and dry one and done, we are constantly learning and evolving from our previous journeys.

The fool is the fool in us all. We never know everything inside a situation in the beginning we are the fool of our own chaos and our own achievements. Even things that are a wonderful thing that you have worked hard for come with a price. A price of time, of prioritization. I’ve prioritized this project over calling a friend back for example. This project is a way to show up for myself. To make it more for me and I can only give you guys things of myself. Things that I need for myself. Like my deck for example. I also give you guys my short stories here because I need to get them out.

To see them exist and that other people at least read them besides me. So, this is me showing up and reaching out into the void of the internet.

Thank you for reaching back and following along.

I’ll be coming back and updating this project more as I go along with it and doing an even deeper dive into the inspiration behind the fools journey. For now thank you for reading and if you would like to donate to the deck, I want to list you in the guide book as a Thank you.

I have also started some tic tok’s about the deck as well. Please enjoy those


Welcome to The Night Witches Tarot. Follow along as the deck takes shape. @tabitha_raye #witchtok #tarotdeck #introduction #indiedeck

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