Sale, Sale, and Sale

Hello witches and readers, Good morning and it’s so great to “see” everyone gathering here. I wanted to announce a few things on the blog. As the title suggests I’m having a sale on all the things to get ready for spooky season. I’ll be opening up my website for tarot reading sales all throughContinue reading “Sale, Sale, and Sale”

Let’s Talk About It: Tarot Addition

Today’s Stories Let’s Talk Tarot Addition: One simple thing that brings me joy. Is definitely my tarot deck. Every morning I have a ritual I partake it like the rest of the world. I need my morning coffee. But, why just be coffee? Why not make it magical instead. I try to wake up beforeContinue reading “Let’s Talk About It: Tarot Addition”

Strawberry Full Moon Card Pulls

Stories each blog post will now have stories. Follow me on there for the latest. Welcome everyone. I’ve missed “seeing” you all here. The Strawberry moon is coming in hot this June 3rd Sagittarius. Now the Sagittarius is a sign I’m very familiar with as my spouse is a Sagittarius. They are full of fireContinue reading “Strawberry Full Moon Card Pulls”

Spirit Says: Listen To Your Use Of Language

Hello Everyone, It’s your favorite tarot reader and reiki healer here with another channeled message for you. Just like last week’s channeled message which you can find here. This weeks Sunday message was slightly delayed due to well life. Please be patient with me as I schedule these out today. A while ago I beganContinue reading “Spirit Says: Listen To Your Use Of Language”

Top Three Reasons Tarot Readings Can Be the Honest Bestie You Need in Your Life.

Today’s Lesson: Listen to mini lessons on what the spirits have to say. Hey, welcome back to the blog. I’m Lexi Tarot Reader, Romance Writer, and so many other things in-between these two titles. How are you doing today? On today’s blog post we’re going to talk about my top five reasons you need aContinue reading “Top Three Reasons Tarot Readings Can Be the Honest Bestie You Need in Your Life.”

The Hit List: Finding The Right Tarot Reader For You

They usually say things like “Oh, how does that work? Or my favorite.. “Do you have a shop?” When I reply no I do everything online that’s when their eyebrows start to raise a little. I can feel the uphill battle of trying to convince them I’m the real deal or at least I used too.

Psychic Chronicles Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead

Today, we’re going to answer a question about speaking with the dead using tarot as a vehicle to do so. The question was this: “Can you use tarot to communicate with a recently passed away loved one?” The original question and link the the Reddit board is linked above. Talking To Dead People: Part Two- UsingContinue reading “Psychic Chronicles Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead”

Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023

Welcome back to the blog my witchy friends and happy astro new year. The portal is opening for us here. We start over today and I’m so excited for it. Today is the beginning of the spring equinox! We are going into Aries season and this is the redo we all need from this relativelyContinue reading “Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023”

Open Letter To The Air Signs

Hello, I’m Alexa,  I’m a tarot reader and writer. Today, I’ve been instructed to write letters to the signs. I’ve been instructed to “write” for a while now. But, I’m just now finding the space and time to get to these elusive moments to write. I wanted to start with the air signs because that’sContinue reading “Open Letter To The Air Signs”

Four Ways To Manifest With A journal

As far back as I can remember I’ve always seen my mother writing little notes here and there. She kept notes all the time on every thought that would enter her mind. Time eventually would go on and I’d spy her with coffee in hand, heading out to our back porch with the morning newsContinue reading “Four Ways To Manifest With A journal”

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