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Let’s get ready for eclipse season baby!

Messages from our dead people to the living

I’m Lexi professional tarot reader and reiki master. I spend my days reading tarot for my clients and connecting them with either past loved ones or their spirit guides. Lately, spirit has been guiding me to go on more of a writing journey with these readings. If, there is one thing I’ve learned from spirit it is to always listen or there will be repercussions.

Hey, how are you today? I hope this group reading finds you doing well. If, not let it brighten your day. I believe everyone has the ability to be I also believe everyone is psychic in their own way.

This is the deck that was designed to help you strengthen your psychic sentence as a reader and also help you connect with your dearly departed loved ones.

Since it’s spooky season. I thought this deck would be the perfect for your pick a card reading for hard truths for both the living and the dead.

I want you to go ahead and take a nice deep breath and try to ground yourself before continually reading this.

Take one deep breath, take two deep breaths, take three deep breaths.

This is to ensure your connecting to your body, mind and spirit and quieting the everyday noise that is always around us.

Now you can go ahead and pick your card either right or left.

Eclipses give you what you need to know- not what you want to know. This can be very tricky. This is why we don’t manifest during this season of our lives. I find it best to start and formulate plans instead.

Today we’re going to have several Pick A Card readings for you all to choose from as I got such great feedback from the first one. I’m also going to be linking to a preview of my podcast coming out at the end of the month. Enjoy! ☺️

Pick A Card: Pile One

Pick either Right or Left

Time to pick your cards

Please take a deep breath and pick either the right or left card.

When you are choosing your card I want you to come from a place of instinct. We aren’t questioning why we chose the card. We are just asking to be guided to the cards. Take a nice steadying breath and choose either Right Or Left.

The Reveal:

Four of Cups (right side) 3 of Wands reversed Left side

Right side: Four of Cups

When we look at this card we need to seek our emotions. Things might be hard right now for you during this eclipse season and get ready to bring your attention to reestablish your connection to your greater sense of purpose.

This might be forced on you. You could be potentially gunning for promotion that you don’t get. Be prepared for a lot of delays this season. It’s okay to experience delays. You’re actually being saved from something that wasn’t for you anyway.

Left Side: Three of Wands reversed

So I’m actually a terror reader who does read reversal cards. I believe that they can be impactful and enlightening to your reading. A lot of other tarot readers do not read reversals and that’s okay.

A reversal car to me is like a whisper a warning of what you need to straighten up internally in your life.

So whenever we’re looking at the three of wands, we’re seeing that growth and expansion are available to you. But it is up to you to take that grasp and to really move forward with your life.

If you live inside of habitual laziness this is going to be some concern for you. A great action step moving forward would be for you to build a routine on not getting in your own way.

I hope you enjoyed this mini reading for today. Let me know which cards spoke to you in the comments.

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