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The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires.

Good Morning beautiful, 


My name is Lexi and I’m a professional tarot reader and dark romance writer on Kindle Vella and Good Novel. 

This month is my birthday 🎈

Woohoo the big thirty four. I like to consider aging like fine wine. 

This month I’d love to give book recommendations of all kinds. As the days get colder and nights feel like they are longer. I really need something to take my mind off of my seasonal depression. 

I needed a good book. I haven’t felt the seasons change in about seven years as we lived in Florida and it was so tropical I could go swimming in my pool on Christmas day. 

Since we moved back to North Carolina almost a year ago now. I love it but I’m still getting used to the cold. Seasonal depression is real and books are my way of coping through those darker days and darker feelings. 

If you’re someone who suffers through seasonal depression maybe it would be a good idea for you to pick up a good scary book too. Or you can give me some tips on how to handle it? What do you do? Books are going to be my savior this year and so is soup. I’ll be sharing my favorite soup recipe too. 

Some of the links that you will find in my articles will be affiliate links and it won’t cost you anything to purchase from these links but it will actually help me. 

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What Have I been Up too lately? 

I’ve been listening to the audio book of The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires. It did not disappoint. Yes, listening to an audiobook also counts as reading it in my book. Don’t let anyone shame you for your reading tastes or the way you go about consuming books period! 

This book had me from the jump. 

The narrator of this book was amazing. I highly recommend the audio book version because she brought this book to life. We follow stay at home house wives through their lives in the eighties and nineties. We follow Patricia threw her life as she has given up being a nurse to be a stay-at-home wife. She falls in love with his book club in the comradery. She creates with these other women who she feels like understands her.

But odd things begin to happen when this man comes into town and befriends. Patricia. 

People begin to think she’s kind of crazy for talking about some of the odd things that are happening to her whenever. Everybody loves her new friend in town. 

But the book takes you through a whirl wind of darkness and good old fashioned ’90s nostalgia. Which I’m totally here for. 

It’s the perfect book to curl up with when you want to turn off your brain. Not think. Grady Hendrix is the master at getting inside your head and not being able to let go of what you are doing. I listened to this book every chance I could get. I could not put it down. He sucked me in so good. If, you’re a fan of scary books this month. Please don’t walk run to go find this book. I read it through my local library on the Libby app. (I’m not affiliated with the Libby app in any way, nor do I receive any endorsement and what I’m about to say.) 

The Libby app is amazing for getting digital library books if you can’t find them or don’t have the time to stop by your local library. You do need a library card for it to work though. Simply go to your local library, present a water bill or electricity bill and your ID and they’ll give you a library card free of charge. You’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of books through the Libby app and you know whatever you can put on loan at your library if you want a physical copy. 

Can’t wait for the library? 

If you can’t wait for the library you can use my link down below from supports local book stores that seem to be disappearing all across the country and libraries. 

By clicking my link doesn’t take away from the book stores or libraries. It only supports me and my love of books. 📚

My Book Shop Link

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