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Messages from our dead people to the living

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I’m Lexi professional tarot reader and reiki master. I spend my days reading tarot for my clients and connecting them with either past loved ones or their spirit guides. Lately, spirit has been guiding me to go on more of a writing journey with these readings. If, there is one thing I’ve learned from spirit it is to always listen or there will be repercussions.

Hey, how are you today? I hope this group reading finds you doing well. If, not let it brighten your day. I believe everyone has the ability to be I also believe everyone is psychic in their own way. Today we are going to be working with a dependent voice text oracle deck.

This is the deck that was designed to help you strengthen your psychic sentence as a reader and also help you connect with your dearly departed loved ones.

Since it’s spooky season. I thought this deck would be the perfect for your pick a card reading for hard truths for both the living and the dead.

I want you to go ahead and take a nice deep breath and try to ground yourself before continually reading this.

Take one deep breath, take two deep breaths, take three deep breaths.

This is to ensure your connecting to your body, mind and spirit and quieting the everyday noise that is always around us.

Now you can go ahead and pick your card either right or left.

Pick Your Card Right Or Left

Pick your card.

Now the reveal:

Which card did you choose? Let me know in the comments. Mine like always will be found in the comment section.

Right side

I’m Angry:

Often times when we experience the death or loss of something we can become angry in our process of grief and letting go of what this made us be. It one of the stages of grief for a reason after all. Spirit can also experience this on the other side. This is not the Haunting Of Hill House type of angry though. There are no dead people dragging you into wells to your death to replay out their pain. No.

Spirit can become angry in the sense they will not understand how to move on and let go of how things went here. They are working with their spiritual team on this, but sometimes they can become lost in their emotions and they replay events over and over again.

They don’t mean to be difficult, however on the other side they will be forced to relive these moments to understand the choices they made and how they effected others.

How does this work for me?

My best advice to my clients is to work through your anger issues now. While you’re alive. Once you have died you have to come to someone like me a psychic medium, and I personally love to see my dead people, however they don’t always love to see me. So, while your alive it’s okay to see someone anyone about your anger. A friend, a licensed therapist, a spiritual counselor (like myself) anyone. Work on it because you deserve to not hold onto it. That anger eats at you, and feeds you sickness. Let it go before it can destroy you.

Here Is The Guide Book Definition:

Oh, the type of spirit that most people are afraid of. This is usually the spirit that brings all the stereotypical adverse feelings people have about or towards these types of interactions. The reality of spirit work is it’s not all love and light or sadness. All feelings are valid and need to be expressed for spirit to move on- anger being one of the more challenging ones. Rest assured, just as any other traumatic feeling rises, so too can anger move then pass. You will be okay. After they let you know what’s taking place, it’s important to let them know that there will be forgiveness for any actions taken or word spoken in the heat of the moment. Remain calm, take slow breaths, and let them out..


Left Side

In the waking world, we can become attached to so many different fabrics of our lives. These fabrics can weave either healthy or unhealthy relationships with ourselves, or with other people.

Attachments I found for the living can be things that anchor us mostly to moments that bring us comfort. The one good thing about our comfort is it’s predictability and keeping us safe and knowing exactly what’s going to happen next.

And as much as we all love and enjoy being comforted, we don’t grow inside of comfort.

We only grow inside of moments in which we can’t see beyond the horizon.

So for things that we are attached to moments mechanisms for coping that bring us comfort. I’m going to challenge you this week to let that go.

Experience life through a lens without these comforts without these attachments and see how much more you are challenged and where you can find your bravery at.

This can be in small moments of you. Feeling like you couldn’t possibly step out of your home or it can be found in moments where you couldn’t possibly change a tire.

This week somebody is going to come into your life that forces you away from these attachments and pushes you to dive deeper into the next layer of your self-awareness and self-esteem.

How will this work out for me?

Look for this person. Look for these situations and know that your spiritual people and your dead people are supporting you even though this can be very scary.

The Guide Book Definition:

Similar to addiction, when Spirit has an attachment, it affects them in very real and traumatic ways. Attachments can be to their addictions, to emotional struggles, to trauma, to other people, even still in the physical.

No matter the case, this thing has most likely become a part of their identity. Fabric. Spirit themselves can also have spirit attachments, and if that’s the case you can talk to that other spirit just as you would for the one who engaged in this conversation. A lot of the time. Attachments are based in a fear of letting that one thing go only furthering the obsessions/ engagement in that addiction, destructive behavior, pattern, or interference with a certain person perspective and patience is needed here.

To help you move forward, I will give you a series of questions you can journal about this week.

Action Steps I Can Take:

When getting readings, I love to give my clients real world action steps that they can take that promote’s inward, reflection and quiet. I’ve found journaling fits best for this.

Journal prompts:

What is it? I can’t live without?

What do you think you’ll lose without this person or thing near you?

How do you think this person or thing feels that need?

I hope this reading found you well and you enjoyed it. Please let me know in the comments what your card was. I’ll post mine there. Please share or follow for more wonderful group readings. If, your feeling kind you can always leave me a tip https://www.paypal.me/alexabruno

See you tomorrow for another one.



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