Do These Three Things When Your Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense.

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Hey, Welcome back to the blog. It’s me Lexi I’m a professional tarot reader and writer. It’s nice to “see” you here. I love reading tarot cards for people and myself. But, I do know that sometimes when we are at home pulling cards we might get confused as to how the messages are relating back to our real world lives. Let me help you with m fool proof way of understanding each of my readings.

Number one: Pause and Reflect

  • Take a moment to sit with the reading and your initial reaction to it.
  • Consider your current life circumstances, emotions, and the specific question or issue you had in mind when doing the reading.
  • Sometimes, the cards may be reflecting something you’re not consciously aware of, so be open to exploring the symbolism and imagery in the cards.
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Keeping a journal of past readings seriously help’s with this as there might be a moment that I missed. I often find that these moments I’m missing tie the whole things together.

Number Two:

Ask Clarifying Questions:

  • If the reading feels confusing or vague, ask clarifying questions to the cards. For example, you can say, “Can you provide more insight into this aspect of the reading?” or “What should I focus on to better understand this situation?”
  • Pull additional cards to shed light on specific areas or cards that seem unclear

Sometimes I switch decks up to help with this. It’s okay to mix your decks. Don’t be scared.

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Number Three:

  1. Consult a Tarot Guide or Reader:
    • If you’re still having trouble making sense of the reading, consider seeking guidance from an experienced tarot reader or consulting tarot literature and resources.
    • A knowledgeable tarot reader can provide insights into the symbolism and interpretation of the cards that may not be immediately obvious.
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Remember that tarot readings can sometimes be abstract or symbolic, and their meaning may become clearer over time as events unfold in your life. It’s also essential to trust your intuition and personal connection with the cards. If a particular interpretation doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to explore alternative interpretations until you find one that aligns with your intuition and the situation you’re facing.

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