Finally Reading Tarot Again..

I’m back!

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Hello, everyone from my corner of the internet. I’m back reading tarot again and wanted to share my experiences so far. Every time I walk away from tarot reading I’m in this weird position of “should I go back to the real world?” Have a normal themed job.

For some people we have no choice. Tarot reading is a hobby and that’s okay and perfect. Every time I try and go down that path. Something leads me back here. So, I’m listening spirit instead of resisting.

I’ve always secretly and not so secretly wanted more. I need more. When I step into the role of tarot reader, I love it, I feel fulfilled. It connects me with people in a way I always wanted.

Do you have a thing that connects you in a similar way?

Vulnerable moment here:

Sometimes I’m scared to be real with my readers or clients. But, life is short and I’m moving forward in a way to be helpful for others. If, you see me going through it then maybe it’s okay to be going through things as well. (Sigh)

I have goals for this year, and I’m truly trying to make them happen. I’d love to be booked for the rest of the year with readings and not have to worry about money for once or how I’ll pay for the upgrades to this website that are needed.

If, you enjoy being a voguer and what to listen to me read tarot for someone else. This blog post is for you. Below is my latest client reading:

Stay Social AF friends

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