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Hello witches and readers,

Good morning and it’s so great to “see” everyone gathering here. I wanted to announce a few things on the blog. As the title suggests I’m having a sale on all the things to get ready for spooky season. I’ll be opening up my website for tarot reading sales all through September. I have also had a great response for readings from the public and I just want to say “thank you” for supporting me through all these years of my little shop.

Tarot Readings: This round of tarot readings I’ll have eight spots available. If, you’ve never had a tarot reading now is the time to grab one. They are on sale from $80 to $30

Tarot Reading Rules: They are offered as individual readings. You may ask a specific question or I can pull cards for general guidance. All offerings are recorded and sent to you via email. I do this so you may relisten to your reading. I’ve had past clients listen to them over and over again through out the years. These same clients will message me and tell me they have learned or understood the reading with deeper meaning years later. (I personally love this)

You can pay for your reading Here, please email me letting me know you have purchased one, with a selfie, and any questions you might have. The turn around time for readings right now is three days in the order they have been bought.

Candle Sales:

I have an abundance of candles right now.

On my Instagram for today they are on sale for $25.00 sold in sets of four. These candles are perfect for setting any mood in your home or office. They have hits of maple bourbon and fairy garden’s. Let’s get magical together.

Please go to my Instagram to inquiry about purchasing and shipping details.

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Hello to all who venture to come towards this haunted, tarot card slinging, romance seeking table. I'm happy to have you here, in this space. This is my first venture with romance writing and I'm so excited. Usually you can find me slinging tarot cards for clients, but I've long since had a love for romance books. My guilty pleasure to escape. However, I'm finding that my ideal characters are no longer found in books and have been found within me. So, come here for blogs, and seek peaks into my books. Occasionally, I might also post collective energy tarot readings. As that is my profession. Needing a personal tarot reading? Please see the shop

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