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Let’s Talk Tarot Addition:

One simple thing that brings me joy. Is definitely my tarot deck.

Every morning I have a ritual I partake it like the rest of the world. I need my morning coffee. But, why just be coffee? Why not make it magical instead. I try to wake up before the rest of my house but that does not always work out they way I want it too. But, when it does those moments are fucking glorious . I encourage everyone who cohabitates with people to get up in silence at least once a month if you can.

I get up and enjoy my silence and I bring out my trusty tarot deck. It’s not always the same deck, or even a tarot deck sometimes. I always close my eyes and say a little prayer if thats even the word I want to use to describe this. In my mind and in my body I always say I’m “taking stock of my spiritual body and my physical body.”

I’m listening. I usually ask the tarot cards or whatever deck I’m working with a question. Yes, you can ask tarot decks a question and it will answer you back. The trick is to not think too much about this. We just do it here.

I shuffle my deck quite a few times and I wait for a card to pop out. The card that pops out is my answer. My direction of where I need to be leading my thoughts and interactions with others for the day. This is a practice that has grounded me and actually kept me from getting into fights with other people.

Below I’ll show you todays card pull:


Nine of Wands: A personal power card for me. I’m at a crossroads right now for my life. What do I want to make work and what do I need to stop being stubborn about? I keep saying I want to be a professional writer. But, I’m working on a book, several actually and now it seems as if I’m always interrupted or need to be doing something else. When do I find time to get done what needs to be done? Simple. The card told me I need to keep pushing, all of this working hard will pay off, its time to find our supporters, they are coming and I have to have patience. My readers are within reach.

Do you pull cards for yourself?

Have a great day.



Photo by Jhefferson Santos on Pexels.com

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