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Welcome everyone. I’ve missed “seeing” you all here. The Strawberry moon is coming in hot this June 3rd Sagittarius. Now the Sagittarius is a sign I’m very familiar with as my spouse is a Sagittarius. They are full of fire and wandering eyes. Literally and figuratively. They are always trying to go somewhere or do something, these signs can be easily bored.

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So my advice to the rest of the zodiac is make the plans. Expect things to change rapidly this weekend and do the things. Have a favorite ritual you do. Well, take that shit on the road, head to the beach, or your favorite mountain spot. Get out of where you usually are this time of year and go be wild. Entertain that inner fire we all have. Below will be come card pulls for each sign I felt called to do.

The Truth comes to the light always – Alexa Gonzalez Tarot Reader and Author

Aries: Strength Whatever your inner demons are, don’t let them haunt you this weekend. Work on letting go and moving on. This weekend it’s okay to let them rest you deserve happiness.

Taurus: The Chariot This weekend we let go of our burden’s. Don’t do any work that isn’t yours. That doesn’t belong, don’t be surprised if you get the unfortunate news of a loved one passing or of someone you knew passing on. The chariot came for them and they passed through the veil. All is well. If, you see one in the skies you saw them go tonight.

Gemini: 10 of cups: What you are working on is complete, but don’t let your emotions get in the way of your success. Celebrate yourself without looking at the next thing you have to do. Be your self not one of your ten other personalities.

Cancer: Son of Cups in the reversed position Time to get your shit together. Listen to that inner intuition. Stop letting others get in your way. Be your own self. Let your ideas be yours. At the same token the snake inside your house will always reveal itself you are not crazy.

Leo: Five of pentacles Shit has really upended itself lately. Maybe it was the breakup, maybe our sense of self has gone out the window. Whatever it is. You’ll be out. Take your ass outside and just be with yourself this weekend. What is your next plan for you to make your self feel special?

Virgo: 3 of Wands our fire element. Make magic happen bitch. You deserve all the things. Opportunities are coming. Take them. Focus on expansion.

Libra: The sun You got this bitch. Whatever you are asking for you are gonna get it. You might have to work for it. But, it is yours to have you just need to reach for it. Lay plans out for things to happen and they will. If, you are trying to conceive now is a good outlook.

Scorpio: 2 of swords. Be about your business. Something is lurking in the corners of your eyes all three of them that you can not see. Pay attention to your dreams and day dreams. Protection from the living is needed. Ask who needs to be seen and you will.

Sagittarius: The high priestess in the reversed position (what are you not saying? What ever that is it’s louder then your silence.) The secrets that you keep won’t stand to be kept forever. So, stop it. Your intuitive side is screaming. Listen to it before shit blows up in your face.

Capricorn: Ace of Cups. Ya’ll got this. You can feel it in your bones. Be on the look out this weekend for moments to present themselves that will make you very happy.

Aquarius: The Universe. You did the hard thing. It’s done and your time has passed. Go about your business and be amazing like you are. They didn’t see you and never did. That’s okay. Snip, snip you’re done with all that. Time to set your sights on what lays ahead. Which is you living your best like starting this weekend.

Pisces: 10 of swords. Don’t trust everyone this weekend. Not every person you speak too is capable or willing to be the steward of your trauma or your emotions. Some people are filled with poison and will drip it back to you and make it look like they are trying to be healing. Don’t listen to it. If, it feels bad it fucking is. Take this full moon to choose wisely.

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