April is National Poetry Month

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Poetry series: The Dirty Poetry 30

I’ve always enjoyed poetry, so inspiration has hit me while sitting in the car pool pick up line for my kids. This is also a challenge for myself to keep writing and keep going. For the next 30 days, I’ll be writing a poem a day on here as well as any other article that tickles my fancy.

I’m dubbing this challenge “The dirty poetry 30” so, if you want to hop on. Tag me in your poems for the day. You can break all the traditional rules of poetry writing here and just follow your heart.

Update on this obviously it’s April 7th and you haven’t seen seven days worth of poetry here. But, I’ve had a lot of real life stuff coming up with the recent purchase of a home. However, I still wanted to show up in way that I could. So, here you go. Today’s poem:

Photo by Maulana on Unsplash

The Way word Road:

The moments that I find myself in these spaces I am ungrounded in my life. Time seems to slip through my fingers as I watch sun rises and sun sets. I am baffled by the energy around me and I find myself asking

“Where is all of my energy?”

“Why can’t I get the same amount of work done that they can?”

In these moments I forget, I forget I’m supposed to be resting. The mother wound needs healing and I need to be healed. I need the rest. In a world of doers and hustlers’ I find it hard to turn off my constant need to be moving.

No one talks about the slow movement of rest and the fact that it’s okay to not land where you were previously, if you stayed on this way word road you’d never find your way back home.

Each time we return to our spiritual homes that home has taken shape differently, a reawakening has begun.

It’s supposed too, just like with mother nature and the seasons we are meant to shift. We are not meant to be chasing wealth.

Instead as I find myself way word I look within and try to remind the greed in me it’s okay to rest today.

It’s okay to do nothing today.

Coming back to your spirit, your soul is a journey that should not be rushed. Too many times people want to become more than what they are to chase a dollar that has no value, the value in the work we must do within ourselves.

The moments that I find myself in these spaces I am ungrounded in my life. Time seems to slip through my fingers as I watch sun rises and sun sets. I am baffled by the energy around me and I find myself asking

“Where is all of my energy?”

“Why can’t I get the same amount of work done that they can?”

As gentle as a finger tip touch, I hear a whisper on the wind. “You are meant to rest, to wander within, what you seek will find you.”

I hope you enjoyed The Way Ward Road. I’m at a really weird road in my life where I’m trying to build a business but, also be there for my infant son. But, I have to stop and remind myself he is only so little for a time. The are so many more moments you will have to build a legacy to leave him. If, you enjoyed this poem please be sure to give me a follow on medium.


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