The Hit List: Finding The Right Tarot Reader For You

Help I Need A Tarot Reading!

Welcome to a new little series I’d like to start on the blog. Where you the reader can feel out my style as a tarot reader. I often find people are super curious about when I openly talk about my job as a tarot reader. They usually say things like “Oh, how does that work? Or my favorite.. “Do you have a shop?” When I reply no I do everything online that’s when their eyebrows start to raise a little. I can feel the uphill battle of trying to convince them I’m the real deal or at least I used too.

Five years ago me I would have done everything I could to convince someone of my ability to read tarot for them was the truth. Today, me only wants clients who truly feel called to have a reading and treat the profession with some respect. I typically see clients or at least new clients every three months. If, you buy one of my sessions we do them in increments of three.

Meaning we work together for three sessions you get one a month and if you decided there are other goals you would like to work on well you then repurchase for another three. You can ask questions through email, and you don’t even have to show up to your session if your schedule does not allow.

For first time client’s I just need a selfie and what you would like to focus on. If, you’re like “Shit man I don’t know this is my first time ever.” Than that is no problem I just ask your spirit guides for general guidance.

For a while I’ll be giving advice on what you should look out for in a reader/healer and providing examples of tarot readings I’ve done via video readings. All my readings are recorded and the client gets to keep them forever I’ve had many clients go back and relisted took note’s and tell me how much more then have learned sometimes years later. I’ve found people love this. There is power in the voice and doing things this way.

Are We a Good Fit?

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It’s always important that you find a tarot reader you trust and whom you think is a good fit for you and you alone. So, here is what you should look for when trying decide if myself or anyone else is a good fit for you to read tarot.

  • Look for References Ideally you want some that look like they are from actual people and not bots. Do your research here people! For example my reviews are listed in my social media
  • A Website Any type of website will do this can even be just a free blog spot but you also want to try and get to know this reader/healer as a person. Find out what they are working on or have to say as a reader/healer.
  • A Place To Put Client Reviews If, you want to review your experience with the reader look for a form or ask your reader how can you leave a review? ( we are also not owed reviews as tarot readers. I consider this someone being nice.) For example, you can see mine here
  • Social Media Do they have a social media preesence It’s not important how little or big it is. The point here is you want to see that they are an actual person. Beware of accounts who don’t always communicate with their real voice. You mostly want to see how they are. This is also a great way to feel out someone’s energy. For Example, You can see mine here
  • Policies Look for their terms and conditions page or house keeping or something that states their individual policies for multiple readings, payments, privacy, and how they handle no show readings, and if they have a refund policy. You’ll want to be aware of these before you schedule your reading. If, they don’t have this set up RUN. For example, Mine are here
  • Booking Try to figure out how to book a reading with them. Are they in person or online. For example you can see my page and what I offer here

Come Prepared Or Not

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    Fear is dangerous, not the tarot. The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light, and the dark. Do not fear the darker aspects of the human condition. Understand them. The tarot is a storybook about life, about the greatness of human accomplishment, and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”
    ― Benebell Wen

    Taken from Goodreads
      Come prepared for your tarot reading or not. I tell clients in the beginning of each of my readings that this is Their Time. This is my clients self care for the day if they don’t already have a routine set in place. Take these moments you listen to these readings seriously. They are literally for you.

      If, you want to have a set of questions to ask the cards great. Make sure you ask your reader what their policy is on that like for me for example if you have specific questions you want answered please write them down and let me know in advance if you can’t be at your reading.

      If, you don’t have questions just come with a paper and a pen to take notes. It takes time for me to process your reading and each time people listen to their readings it tends to spark something different. If, your reading turns heavy have tissues ready.

      I hope this blog post helps you decide number one if you are ready for a tarot reading and number two who to trust with your time and money. More of these will be coming with example’s of my reading style linked YouTube video below. Enjoy!

      Want to book a reading with me? You can do so here my books are open for May.

      Please provide your email in the notes of PayPal and I’ll reach out with a confirmation email.


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