Medium: The Wrap Up

Hey my witchy friends welcome back to Witchcraft and Writing. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog and where I see it going. I’ve also spoken a lot with other bloggers and how the landscape of blogging and bringing information to people is changing. As things grow and shift for myself and my family I still want my information I’m trying to put out into the world about tarot, mediumship and my writings to be accessible in one way or another.

I may or may not always have a website, for a long time I operated with out one and had plenty of clients just fine. For me a website is a nice landing space to get me in front of people I may not always see however, I’ve since started expanding into a new blogging sphere of a website called “medium”. So, from now on once a week I’ll make a blog post on here wrapping up all my posts on medium.

Full transparency I’m trying to join the mediumship partner program. I need 100 followers on that platform in order to become a paid writer through their program. If, you love me and my writing I’d truly appreciate it if you made an account on medium and followed that blog. One day this website may or may not go away and you could easily keep up with me over there for free. Each time I made a post it would show up in your email just like here. I love to have both but this website is not free and that space is a free space for me plus I’d be getting paid to be there.

So, I’d deeply appreciate it if you did.

I really hope you enjoy this and I’ll talk to ya’ll again at the end of April to wrap up the month. If, you follow me there I’ll be keeping track so I can give a tarot reading to you for free.


The March Wrap Up:

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Hello to all who venture to come towards this haunted, tarot card slinging, romance seeking table. I'm happy to have you here, in this space. This is my first venture with romance writing and I'm so excited. Usually you can find me slinging tarot cards for clients, but I've long since had a love for romance books. My guilty pleasure to escape. However, I'm finding that my ideal characters are no longer found in books and have been found within me. So, come here for blogs, and seek peaks into my books. Occasionally, I might also post collective energy tarot readings. As that is my profession. Needing a personal tarot reading? Please see the shop

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