Psychic Chronicles Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead


Today, we’re going to answer a question about speaking with the dead using tarot as a vehicle to do so. The question was this: “Can you use tarot to communicate with a recently passed away loved one?”

The original question and link the the Reddit board is linked above.

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Talking To Dead People: Part Two- Using Tools To Speak To The Dead

The OP was also a little worried their individual grief would possibly get in the way as it was their own mother whom had passed away unfortunately. So, as a professional tarot reader I can say, I have held Séance’ readings which is actually what she was going to do whether she understood that or not was completely different. A Séance’ reading is specifically when you are trying to call the dead forward or a specific dead person forward to communicate with hopefully.

I have used tarot cards in the past to help me with these readings as well to interpret messages and I also channel messages from peoples loved ones during these types of readings.

So, to answer her question more matter of factly “yes, you can use tarot to help you hold a séance with your departed loved one.” However, that depends on a lot of different factors on how successful you feel this would go for you. If, my clients are in deep grief I always suggest trying to find a trusted reader who has experience doing this or at least waiting six months for your own mental health to process things.

This also depends greatly on your experience level with mediumship and your psychic abilities and how much you are trusting of yourself and the messages you are receiving. Everyone is on a different path and has a different level of experience.

I personally have done hundreds of séances talking to peoples passed on loved ones or dead people they just have around them in general. I try to bring realistic expectations to my readings not false ones. That is also something we go over when I am reading for my clients before a session.

Once we have passed on the dead don’t really no time. Time is a thing that is here for us on this planet. It is not something that is felt where the dead are at least not in my experience as a psychic medium. You may find other readers who disagree with me. That is okay, I can only and will only give you my experiences here and sometimes it’s okay to disagree.


You can really use any tools you want to hold the séance. Tarot decks can add an interesting layer too it because of how a traditional deck is designed. These can give personal messages on possibly what happened or how they were feeling at the time of their death. Their is a trick to using tarot cards to do a séance’ reading and this is it.

You must ask a very, very specific question. For example the question maybe “Are you at peace right now?” and you are shuffling your deck and they ten of cups falls out of the deck. The cups goes with the elements of water and our emotions. The number ten is representative of a positive note and a completion of a cycle. So, if I were giving a reading to a client I’d confirm after seeing that yes they are at peace and maybe pull additional cards for any more clarifying messages that might be needed.

So, if you’re reading this and wondering the same things you can do alot of different things with tarot cards. Speaking to the dead is one of them. Tarot cards are just one of the many tools I use to connect with spirits, however I should mention you don’t actually need tools. You yourself are the medium and you are the tool deciphering the messages.

Have a great day. I hope you found this article helpful.


Got questions about speaking with the dead or experiences about tarot you would like to ask? You can always shoot me an email at I’d love to hear from you guys.

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