Four Things To Do for the Spring Equinox 2023

Welcome back to the blog my witchy friends and happy astro new year. The portal is opening for us here. We start over today and I’m so excited for it. Today is the beginning of the spring equinox! We are going into Aries season and this is the redo we all need from this relatively long and stressful winter season.

For this blog post I’m going to be walking you through my top four things I enjoy doing on the longest day of the year to get my vibes just right for spring. Also, in my shop there is a Spring Equinox Tarot Spread available if you are needing help. (Just Scroll to the bottom of the page and click purchase. Please leave your email address in the notes section and your pdf download will be emailed to you.

Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.


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Clean Your Space

This might sound funny but, having a clean space during this time of year is actually one of the best things you can do for your spiritual practice. Even trying a cleanse for your body, or just taking a ritual bath or shower is key here. One of m favorite things to do in the shower is recite spells of self care to myself or perform self care reiki. As a reiki master I don’t just do healing work on my clients it’s also starts with me too. Everything needs to be clean to get the most out of these energies of the equinox. They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. Get up and open the house to new energy. You’ll thank me later. Also, take care of yourself too here.

Get Your Ass in The Kitchen

Nothing brings people together like cooking and food. Now, is the time to send that text invite to have a little cozy dinner with a few close friends if you can. We don’t have to make anything fancy here. We are making things with intention, and with love. Witchy tip with cooking make an extra plate and put it on your altar. Don’t have an altar? When I was younger I’d put a plate at or near a window. This was offerings to my house spirits or my ancestors. They will show their appreciation for being remembered I promise. I just made sure to address them as I put the plate down once I felt they were done with the plate I’d put the rest in the trash or if anything can be used for the birds throw it out to them.


Create, Create, and Create!

This one my witchy friends I’m going to challenge you with here. I want you all to try and tap into your create side. You don’t have tp repaint your whole house but if that’s your thing go for it bitch. You can just start small and take a class on painting or just sit down with some water colors and a coloring book and make yourself happy. This is about you and what floats your book after all. This is also a great way to make a vision board for where you want the rest of your year to go. Hang it up when it’s complete or add things too it as you have gone on through the rest of the year so you can remember it.


Release That Shit My Witchy Friend

Okay, so we already know this magical portal only comes on today and we need to make the most of it right? Well, we don’t need to bring anything with us either. So, You can make a small fire or hell make it a celebration part of tonight’s dinner with friends and do a bonfire. Have everyone write down what they are wanting to release from winter and their hibernation state and let it go. This could be making room for a better version of themselves or making room for a new job, or just wanting to pick up a new hobby and needing to let go of procrastination. Whatever it is we are leaving it behind and letting the ashes of the fire carry it back to the universe. Let that shit stay away from you. Don’t call it back by becoming complacent.

Wishing you love and feeling lot’s of lightness this spring equinox.

Your Tarot Reader,


Stay Social Friends!

Recommendations for this week

This week I wanted to recommend some writers word press and other blogs that I follow and my favorite song that you might enjoy too. I’m also starting a new book about Irish ghost stories I’ll be sure to report back on as well. If, you are feeling extra sweet please share the blog or follow me on medium.

Writers I’m reading here on Word Press or blogs I love:

The Tarot Lady

Melinda Kucsera

Smart Bitches Trashy books

Life Updates:


I’ve stated in the past I wanted to make this blog more personal and give some life updates for anyone who reads this thing. If, you do please comment what your favorite dinner is and let me know. I always need more dinner ideas. We are still patiently and not so patiently waiting on the closing of our new house. Things are moving at a snail’s like pace and I’m trying my best to be okay with that. Once things do get rolling I’ll be busy unpacking the new house and getting things settled. Writing on Kindle Vella has proven to be harder then it looks but I’m honestly very excited for this. As far as Witch Craft and Writing is concerned- I’m thinking about possibly rebranding but, it’s still just a thought for right now. I want to begin to focus more on writing. I’ll be bringing more witch craft tips to the blog and collective readings. My mental health seems to be improving but we all have our days and I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on that soon too.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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