Open Letter To The Air Signs

Hello, I’m Alexa, 

I’m a tarot reader and writer. Today, I’ve been instructed to write letters to the signs. I’ve been instructed to “write” for a while now. But, I’m just now finding the space and time to get to these elusive moments to write. I wanted to start with the air signs because that’s my rising sign and there is nothing like being called out first thing in the morning. Am I right? *sighs in sarcasm.*

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So without further ado here is my open letter/ kick in the ass to all my air signs. 

Dear Air Signs, 

Let’s take a deep breath together while we sip our coffee and get our selves together. *Deep Breath* inhale and exhale. Shits gonna be real and sometimes that hurts but it’s okay. We are stronger than we know sometimes. 


It’s okay that you loved them with your whole heart and they stopped loving you in return. Their brokenness is not your responsibility to heal. They were broken when you met them. You just forgot you looked past that. Now, you can’t unsee what’s been seen. Trust your intuition on this one and don’t be scared to move with the wind when it’s called for. 

You may have wept and thought of ways you could change yourself to make them happy. But, something always sent you back to your old patterns and ways of being. There was a reason for this. It wasn’t you my sweet air sign, it was never you that needed to change. But, I know it sure was presented that way correct? 

They may have sat you down or yelled aggressively and told you all the things that they needed you to do. But, was their impatience really with you? After all you’ve been you this whole time right? Look to your left and look to your right dear air sign. Are they there supporting you on any adventure the wind takes you on or are they still repeating and telling you all the ways you need to change? 

Travel with the wind my sweet air sign. It’s time to change direction and course and go with the wind. You can’t stay here my love. You aren’t meant to be beaten down my words and actions that aren’t yours to own or fix. You are stronger than you know and capable of having the joy you are so desperately looking for. 

Reach for it and you will be free. A word of caution hit’s this letter though my love, with freedom comes a cost, the winds must change you and now you must listen. You might not show your hurt on the outside but, don’t forget to nuture those wounds when you find the courage to let your situation go. The cost on your heart and your mental health and your time does not reward you in the end. 

I’m wishing you the best sweet air sign. If, no one is in that corner of support understand this, I am there. Enjoyed this post? Click the follow button or leave a tip. 

Your Tarot Reader, 



Here are this weeks recommendations, I want to start making the blog a little more personal and blogging just more in general so I’ll be introducing some categories at the end of each post for anyone who reads all the way towards the end.

This week I’m recommending some of my favorite places to eat in the Bono’s They seriously have the best Bar B Que. If, you are ever in that area or near one give them a shout!


Life Updates and Writing Updates:

I’ve been writing more lately and I hope to keep this up. I’m debating on if I’ll do a full life updated blog post or not. I have no idea if anyone reads this thing or not. But, let’s just say things in my personal life have been rocky, but I’m trying to navigate through that and maybe that’s what this blog will become for a little bit. I don’t know yet. But, exciting news is that I’m bringing myself back to writing. So, that means you will see a lot more updates about my kindle Vella experience on the blog and on medium.

In some more personal news, I have had some people ask me where I went on social media. The short answer is I moved and during that time of trying to sell a house and buy another during this horrific state of the housing market I had to focus on that. So, I stopped doing a lot of things. However, the closing on my new house is coming up and that is bringing me back to all the things slowly but surely.

I don’t plan on returning much to social media until I have my house in order so it’s always a good thing to follow me on my website or medium for the most up to date information. If, you have read this far thank you. I hope you have enjoyed this life update. You can always leave your comments or questions down below.

Wishing you the best day.

Your Tarot Reader,


Down below is the trailer for my favorite show right now! Tell me have you watched The Last Of Us?

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