Psychic Chronicles: Talking To Dead People

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Welcome to a new series on the blog everyone! I’m officially dubbing, The psychic chronicles. I’m going to be doing about ten blog posts where I talk about different topics of my psychic experiences.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a minute but honestly didn’t have the time too and didn’t exactly know how to word everything, what I do and can do is another worldly experience and it needs to be treated respectfully so, which I also think could be a whole series on the blog “respecting a healer and what they do as actual work.”

So, you want to know what it’s like to talk to dead people huh? Well, buckle up and let me explain it to you. First there are so really hard truths that a lot of the spiritual community will not like to hear. But, someone has to say it and I’m honestly the queen of saying uncomfortable shit.

  1. Not every tarot reader can channel messages. (A lot of people thanks’ to app’s like TicTok have realized there are bag’s to be got when reading tarot cards and if you can memorize some card meanings you can grab that bag.) However, a person who can channel messages from your spirit guides can also read tarot cards. Choose your tarot card reader wisely friends.
  2. It’s most important that you follow your own intuitive thoughts and are able to hear yourself before you follow blindly the guidance of others. A lot of readers will not encourage this, but if you can’t hear your own inner voice can you trust that your “trusted tarot reader can hear theirs?”

Dead People

Now that we have gotten that out of the way it’s important to understand something. When you are channeling for me anyway I understand that sometimes I’m speaking to dead people. They have honestly helped me out more in the past then the living. Giving me little hints of advice here and there.

Do I advertise this all the time to my clients who I’m reading tarot for? No, actually I do not. Honestly, it can make people uncomfortable so unless you are a repeating client I don’t.

You might be wondering “What does this feel like to channel dead people?”

Well, my answer would be this, I’ve always done it and chances are you have too, everyone has the ability to do what I do, I just use that psychic muscle we all have. At first it was scary, but eventually it became with practice my new normal. A lot of the times, its whispers of conversations that I don’t always understand mostly because I’m not meant too.

A lot of clients who want to dive deeper into this have trouble with the above statement because they have a hard time not overthinking what information they are receiving.

This can honestly be a whole other blog post, for now though I thought it was important to mention this. If, you are a person wanting to deepen your psychic senses and start your spiritual awakening.

If, dead people are talking to you and they want you to know it don’t worry you will, they will make their presence known. It could be them calling your name or simply them asking for “help” or making noises like you hearing moving books, papers or I’ve even heard furniture moving when their was no furniture moving.

What I’m describing is the psychic ability called Clairaudience hearing voices. It’s important to know the difference of how you sound in your head first before you start trying to unlock the ability. These voices in my head never are harmful and don’t ever tell me to do things to others or become harmful to myself. ( If, you are experiencing this you need to seek a medical professional.)

Usually in a reading messages can be straight forward, for example, “No, you aren’t getting the job, or yes you are getting the job.”

Reading tarot for other people and using my clairaudience ability actually helps me in my daily life as a psychic medium from feeling overwhelmed or like I’m not in touch with my reality. It keeps my own personal experiences with my abilities down to a minimum because I have practice channeling that ability so, hence I’m not scared when I see/hear something in my home or someone else’s.

Reading for other’s also helps me develop patience for people who are experiencing an awakening for the first time and are scared or are just having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this is happening to them due to issues with their child hoods and how this way of life was explained to them as children.

Being a psychic medium is not trendy, and it is not something you can always make a living from if that is what you are after. The people that are making a living from this understand that having trust in your intuitive side and what is happening around you is real, that is a way of life for them, they live and breath this way. You can not be half in or half out of spiritualism which is my word for being a psychic medium.

The dead are with us always twenty four seven three hundred and sixty five days a year. When we are awake and when we are sleeping. One day you will also join the land of the dead and it’s time we give them the respect they deserve.

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Tips keep the blog free. Please feel free to just share, leave your comments or send to a friend that might need this blog post in their life. Do you have any experiences with your clairaudience you would like to share? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.

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