Four Ways To Manifest With A journal

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As far back as I can remember I’ve always seen my mother writing little notes here and there. She kept notes all the time on every thought that would enter her mind. Time eventually would go on and I’d spy her with coffee in hand, heading out to our back porch with the morning news paper, and her journal added to the mix.

I asked her once “Why are you always writing in your journal?” She simply said, “It helps make me a better person.” As a kid I kind of just accepted this because I had seen her do this practice so often. What I realized as an adult was that my mother was prioritizing her mental health in her own way.

Now that I’m an adult I’m trying my best to do the same thing with my journaling practice but, also using it with my spiritual practice. I always say, everything we do is spiritual in nature- What starts out as a whisper can turn into a scream if we don’t deal with it. The heartbreak you can’t get over, or the dream of owning your own home or starting your own business, those are all moments of inspiration we all need to listen too.

For this article I’m going to be working with the idea of manifesting a new job because currently in my real life that is actually what I’m trying to do and will report back on how this worked out for me, using this method.

So, here are four ways I use my journal practice as a way to expand my manifesting and help me accomplish my goals. So, far it’s worked for me and helped me open doors that otherwise I thought would have been closed off.

Back ground on me as a tarot reader and spiritualist everything for me that I do is part of my spiritual practice. Even writing this. I’m taking a moment for myself here because I genuinely enjoy writing.

So, Let’s get started

Number one: Make is a daily practice: Make sure you put the journal somewhere you go too every fucking day. For me I thought it was going to be by my bed. Nope, I got lazy and would walk past it. I keep it with my phone and make sure to grab both in the morning.

Number Two: Write down the date, this helps you see timeline shifts and patterns, When there is something I really want like a new job for example, I always start with the date and I write down at the top of the page after the date all the things I’m grateful for in this current moment.

Number Three: Write down under neath the things you are grateful for what you want. If, it’s that new job, write down the job title, the amount of money you want to make etc. The more specific the better. Make that your manifesting focus and keep that list and write about it every day.

Number Four: You have to do some fucking actual work to help the universe help you. If, it’s starting a new job make sure your resume’ is up to date and searchable on all job posting apps, network and ask people you know if they have or know of openings in that field. Even if they don’t you have planted the seed in their mind that you are looking for that job, your goal would be that hopefully they would remember you if that opportunity arises.

If, you try this out please comment and let me know! Love this content it would be great if you followed me on medium for more updates.

Have the best fucking day. Will report back soon!

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