New Moon in Sagittarius Let’s Go.

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Hello to all my Witchy Friends, followers and just in general people who are creeping on my website. Thank you I appreciate you showing up here with me and for me. This blog is honestly kind of a fucking dump all. It’s raw and real and honest of what is currently going on in my life or around me.

I tried having an aesthetic or a niche if you will, but like my life that became a dumpster fire as well. You won’t find that here. So, if you’re looking for that I’m about to disappoint you.

Let’s get into it. If, you are new here “Hey, I’m Lexi”. I’m a practicing witch, tarot reader, psychic medium (I talk to dead people and spirit guides) I use these gifts to assist the living either communicate with their ancestors or their passed away loved ones. I also teach from time to time people how to do these things themselves because we are all psychic beings and there is nothing I do that you can’t do as well.

Currently I’m working on a few things/projects:

New Moon in Sagittarius Spread:

It’s no secret that I love tarot cards and often use them in my daily life to help me make some choice’s about moving forward in my life or deciding which direction to take. This is also the perfect time of year start pulling cards for yourself daily and start a practice to get you ready for your next walk around the sun for what ever that is gonna look like for you. For this blog post I thought it would be great to share a new moon tarot spread I do for myself when the moon is swinging into Sag season baby. For most of my personal tarot spreads I like them to be short and sweet and to the point. Below we will look at a way to use the following new moon spread bit by bit and break it down. I’ll report back in another blog post on how my tarot spread worked for me as a treat to my readers.

Some examples of what I’ve used tarot cards for are

  • When to buy a house
  • When to have a baby
  • Will partnership or that new job work out?
  • Am I being spiritually attacked right now?
  • Casting Spells. Yes you can use tarot cards to cast spells.


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New Moon in Sagittarius

How Can we incorporate this tarot spread into our daily lives you might be wondering right now? Well, the meat and potato’s of this tarot spread is all about finding a direction of where to go and maybe taking some baby steps towards this movement. But, this is the long game here for 2023. The vibe of a Sagittarius is to either be too stressed or not stressed at all. We are gonna go with not stressed at all. Let’s break it down card by card shall we?

Card Number one:

What is my passion?

Maybe you have been struggling a little bit with manifesting or where to go exactly. This card is really going to help you narrow your focus point. But, remember don’t rush into anything this new moon. We just need to dial in our internal compass that’s it.

Card Number Two:

What Am I not Committing too?

If, Sagittarius is your main sun sign this question could be tricky. I always say these sun signs are the least committed/committed person I know. They are always looking for better while enjoying what they have. They have the ultimate wondering eye. But, this can be very beneficial. The best thing we can say about this card is if, it’s not working out in your life whether it be a relationship, project or a job, ditch that shit.

Card Number Three

What have I left behind?

Sometimes it’s good to leave things behind. However, this is the time to make sure you have not gotten neglectful with the important stuff in your life. This could be with your spiritual practice or with your personal boundaries. Also, be sure to not leave anything behind that could need closure or some kind of resolution. We can’t bring any bad vibes into 2023 after all.

This was my break down of my tarot spread. I hope you use it and enjoy it. If, you do please let me know, I love hearing from anyone who read’s my blog. It brightens my day that this little spot on the internet can bring someone else joy. If, you have gotten this far on the blog I just wanted to take moment to say, I’m sincerely thankful and grateful to everyone who has supported me and my business in any way. It truly means the world to me. Even reading these blogs or sharing them. I hope they bring you joy. I’m sitting here wishing all of you the best and safest Thanksgiving.

PS. Pen Pal Question: Do you enjoy Turkey or Ham?


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