Is The World Still Real or Are We All Waking Up?

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So, Is It Just Me Or Is the World shitter?

Hello to all my Witchy Friends, followers and just in general people who are creeping on my website. Thank you I appreciate you showing up here with me and for me. This blog is honestly kind of a fucking dump all. It’s raw and real and honest of what is currently going on in my life or around me.

I tried having an aesthetic or a niche if you will, but like my life that became a dumpster fire as well. You won’t find that here. So, if you’re looking for that I’m about to disappoint you.

Let’s get into it. If, you are new here “Hey, I’m Lexi”. I’m a practicing witch, tarot reader, psychic medium (I talk to dead people and spirit guides) I use these gifts to assist the living either communicate with their ancestors or their passed away loved ones. I also teach from time to time people how to do these things themselves because we are all psychic beings and there is nothing I do that you can’t do as well.

I can only give you my experiences and my experiences alone.

Today my husband asked me “Why does the world not feel real anymore?”

I responded with the most natural thing that could come out of my mouth. “That’s because it’s not, our realities are fading and we are seeing the structures of time for what it is. Not real.”

We just looked at each other for a second and kind of acknowledged I had just said some weird shit, and moved on. Sometimes when I speak it really isn’t me speaking it’s my spirit guides. This morning was one of those moments.

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of my spiritual mutual’s or friends waking up to toxic environment’s that they have held stead fast to. Everyone I know is either breaking up with something or someone. It honestly refreshing and scary at the same time too watch.

Change is afoot in the best way possible because more and more people are beginning to notice the things that are broken around them. This eclipse season will be intense with that so the spirits have been telling me, vast moment are coming in our lives as a collective and it doesn’t matter if we want it or not.

This not so secretly makes me happy, even though also we feel like shit while it’s happening to us in real time.

What is this looking like in our daily lives?

  • More People seeing a broken political system: I’m predicting a full on collapse of both parties soon.
  • Seeing a shift in education for children and young adults : More people are choosing to homeschool their children and college admission is also down by thirty percent. (See link article)
  • More and More people opening up about their strange experiences with the paranormal or wanting to expand and shift their views on what spirituality is. We see this in little hints in peoples social media profiles of others becoming more “holistic”.

The reality is people are searching and seeking a bit of comfort in these really crazy and uncertain times. If, I thought a pandemic was bad what is worse is the fact that I’m now wondering actively if I’ll be able to afford to feed the people in my house next month and so are so many others.

Yesterday, I went to three different grocery stores trying to find baby formula for my young son which should not be happening. Yet there I was with people piled around me doing the same thing. Desperately searching for their brand of food for their young child. I got the last can of what I needed, but as I walked away with my three kids I knew if they didn’t restock the shelf another mother wouldn’t be able to find it for her child next.

I’m not saying these things for pity I’m saying these things to share that you are not alone in your situation. Our situations may not be the same but they run in a similar pattern.

How to Help Ourselves and the Collective?

How can we help ourselves?

We can begin to help ourselves and others by doing the following things. Redefine your spiritual practice the eclipse season. See what has worked for you and bring it back or try something new.

Start speaking to those spirit guides. If, you haven’t gotten right with your dead people or your spirit guides yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Changes are coming for you, and for me and for us as a collective. Now is the time to prepare for them.

How can you help the collective?

You can prepare for them by doing the following:

Listen, listen more to your neighbors and your people around you

Check in with people

Hold space for others

Help when and where you can. Help through donating time, space, subscribing to something for free, liking sharing something on social media, or purchasing from a small shop, etc.

You guys get the fucking point. We are on our own here, no one is coming to save us but us, so that is what we must do, say ourselves, work on ourselves. Or you will become the hundreds of dead people that come by and visit me wanting or needing help to move on from this world to the next step into their journey. From this psychic medium to you don’t be that person fix your shit now.


Have a great day, wishing it the best,


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