Three Mantras For Your Daily Life

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Welcome back to the blog Witchy Friends. If, you are new here I’d love to introduce myself first. Hi, I’m Lexi Intuitive Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Writer of fiction and nonfiction, and Reiki Master. I’ve been doing this work professionally for the past four years now but, it’s been my way of life since I was twelve years old. I’ve had my in the closet witch seasons, where I dared to never speak of these things and My out of the closet seasons, where I try and share everything I can about my spiritual journey.

My goal is to always be able to help someone, through tarot cards or through my writing. I hope you find a little bit of peace on this website.

I’m also a wife and mother and you’ll find me here just trying to balance it all. Grab a snack and a drink and let’s get to know each other.

Please enjoy this article on Mantras I’ve designed to get you through every day life and all the helpful tips on how to incorporate each mantra into your routine.

These little saying’s spawned in moments where I have been beyond stressed or overwhelmed, I would find myself begging for a moment of peace, and just like that spirit provided me with these cute and not so cute mantras.

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Take a Deep Breath:

These are the mantras that I’ve begun to live by sometimes they fuck me up in the best way possible, I’ll be going about my day and remember one and where/ why spirit chose to give me this mantra. It was a lesson you see, a lesson to dive deeper and maybe realize that sometimes, I create my own chaos and a way to change my inner narrative was me not being a victim of my own shit show, but rather acknowledging I’m in charge of the shit show and I can bring my self my own sense of peace.

I Am Fucked Up.

We all have to start somewhere and sometimes admitting we are the problem, or that we don’t have things together as much as we would like is the first step to success.

You shouldn’t keep pretending things are okay when they are not. Take the mask off and let people see or know if you are hurting. They don’t have to understand you, but you owe it to yourself to speak your truth.

I Am Deserving Of Peace

It can be so hard pulling yourself up from a really hard spot in life. Especially when others can sometimes hold us back. In these moments when we feel like the whole world around us is against us. Remember, you are deserving to have peace, but your peace should not depend on the happiness of another person.

We are in charge of our peace, how we seek it out, how we appreciate it, and how we can nourish that more in our lives. When we live through a state of peace and understanding we are deserving of it, your day runs more smoothly.

I Am Magic

I firmly believe each of us on this earth is a psychic being. Chances are if you have found yourself on this blog or website at all you are either curious about magic, writing, or walking down a spiritual path. Everyone is psychic, each of us has the ability to read tarot cards or communicate with spirit. I don’t do anything as a psychic medium you yourself can’t do.

Trusting in your own brand of magic is something that can be hard to do. You have to be ready to let go of any previous systems that kept you from this journey to begin with. Those moments can be hard and sometimes leave you feeling lonely. When you feel the most alone in your path recite “I am magic” invite your spirit guides to come close and bring any messages forth you may need to receive at this time.

I have been working with these mantras for years and though they are words, what we say to ourselves daily can be the most powerful spell work we do throughout our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you thought this was helpful, go ahead and comment down below and let me know which mantra was your favorite or if you have any personal mantras you use in your daily life to get you through the day.

Wishing you all the best,


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