Elle and Rain Are Coming To Kindle Vella


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I’m so excited to announce a special project I’ve been working on for a while.

Amazon has been going through a beta program with serialized fiction app called Kindle Vella. It’s where you the reader pay per episode to read a book as I write. Popping in and out as you see fit. I see this as the perfect space for the reader who doesn’t have a lot of time inside of his or her day, and just wants to get through a chapter while on their lunch break. We all have busy lives after all.

Now, I know isn’t your website about the metaphysical and tarot?

Well Yes you are correct it is. However, its called ” Witchcraft and Writing” for a reason. I always, always have been writing fiction and non fiction it doesn’t really matter. I just love writing.

I’ve written on and off for years with independent magazines that are online publications. I think as my website is concerned there is room for witch craft and romance writing.

Love is often a spell we place on others after all and our words can be our most powerful spell work we do.

So, as I move forward into serialized fiction and the publishing world, I’ll be coming to the blog to update you all on the journey and sharing it there. I’ll still be posting about tarot cards and witch craft don’t worry. But, my more creative adventures will also find a home here too. As they should. I hope you all enjoy the journey with me. As my blog readers you all will get the first 5,000 words here to enjoy and then after that you will have links to Kindle Vella with teasers to what’s coming up next.

I’m excited for this and hope to see ya’ll following along. Thanks for supporting me.

You can read the first three episodes of my Kindle Vella here:

Stay social friends!


Affirmations for today:

The only person that can stop you from your goals is you.

If, you can think it, in some universe it already exists.

What I’m listening to today..

I absolutely love this podcast. When I need to get out of my own head space this is it for me. Let me know how you like it if you listen.

This is another good podcast on writing resources that I love.

Krista Lake’s is an author I’ve personally followed for years and is also on Kindle Vella.

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