What The Dark Left Behind

A fictional romance found on Kindle Vella

This site is called “Witch Craft and Writing” and its time to introduce the project I’ve been working on with the platform Kindle Vella. It’s relatively new space in the KDP program but has a huge potential to become much bigger. I’m happy to announce I’m finally giving my writing over there the attention it deserves. The writing I’ve always personally wanted to do over the years is romance in all genres. So, here we are. I’d love if you are a reader of the blog to give Kindle Vella’s platform a try.


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So, how does Kindle Vella work?

Amazon has taken a stab over this last year with a slow and steady roll out of serialized fiction writing. Think of other platforms like

Radish, Wattpad, and Dreame.

The platform itself is about a year old and some readers still don’t know what it is. It’s small bite size forms of fiction or non fiction writing what ever you are feeling at the time that the reader pays for via tokens purchased through amazon.

The reader is buying each individual episode as it comes out, which is a pretty interesting concept because you are reading as the writer is writing. These days people don’t have hours to sit down and read a whole book. This is perfect for the busy mom on the go or worker who only has a thirty minute lunch break to work done.

I’ve personally been a reader on the kindle Vella platform for a while. I’m honestly enjoying the ones I’ve crowned. You can give your story that you are reading an extra boost in the amazon algorithm by “crowning” it and voting it your favorite. As a form of reader interaction. You can view these stories and my own kindle Vella on the kindle app found in the app store for android and IOS devices.

What The Dark Left Behind:

A fictional dark paranormal romance written by me.

This Kindle Vella is about a girl trying to not only hide her supernatural abilities but spends her night time hours slinging tarot cards outside a strip club trying to make rent every month. Living with her alcoholic and abusive mother, Elle wants out of this world. When she runs into new pack alpha Rain her world is turned upside. Rain who has enough on his plate sees Elle as his mate, his one true love he can not and his wolf will not let him live without. But, war and distrust is looming in and around his pack. Can Elle and Rain freely give into their growing lust for each other to get it right? Or are they both doomed from the start. Only time will tell. Find out on Kindle Vella each week for a new episode. Updates will be available weekly.



First three episodes are free for you all to enjoy.


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Hello to all who venture to come towards this haunted, tarot card slinging, romance seeking table. I'm happy to have you here, in this space. This is my first venture with romance writing and I'm so excited. Usually you can find me slinging tarot cards for clients, but I've long since had a love for romance books. My guilty pleasure to escape. However, I'm finding that my ideal characters are no longer found in books and have been found within me. So, come here for blogs, and seek peaks into my books. Occasionally, I might also post collective energy tarot readings. As that is my profession. Needing a personal tarot reading? Please see the shop

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