That Time I Self Published My First Book

There was a time I was brave and self published my first work of poetry on kindle unlimited and I loved it. I wrote this first collection of poetry in a time I was going through a self discovery of sorts.

Let me describe to you what I was going through. I was having a spiritual awakening and at the time poetry was kinda hitting it big in the publishing industry. So, I decided “Hey, why not give it a shot.”

I got rejected ALOT, I think it was like 100 plus times traditional publishing houses thought my stuff was garbage. Honestly, after so many rejections, I kinda low key felt the same.

However, I didn’t let it stop me. My writing has always one hundred percent been a passion project and I just want it to reach the right people. So, I decided to self publish it through amazon. Do I make tons and tons of money? Hell No.

However it has reached the people it was meant to reach, that which I and thankful for, it was impactful, I had a teacher friend even use my book as a way to teach poetry that breaks all the rules, which was fun.

Publishing a book is kind of like having a baby, you wait for it to simmer a long ass time and then bam baby is ready to come into the world. It’s painful but beautiful at the same time and it’s also fucking strange because it’s the deepest darkest parts of you. I took this first collection of poetry and tried it out on a new indie publishing plate form which I’m actually very excited about called “kindle vella”.

It’s serialized fiction and non fiction, amazon is giving away 200 tokens to people who sign up and the first three chapters are always free, to help let the reader know if this is something they want to read or not. If, you have not checked out Kindle Vella yet I invite you too there are some seriously good stories out there.

If, you are wanting to give it a shot here is mine

As always thanks for coming to my corner of the internet and I hope you enjoy this is little pocket of prose.

Have a great day,



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