I said Fuck You to New Years Resolutions But Spirit Had Other Ideas.

Word for 2022 : Unbothered

Why must we have a word of the year?

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People have had a “word of the year” for a while now to keep them on track with their new years resolutions. I originally was not going to have a word of the year. I wanted to say “fuck it” so badly to everything to do with starting over and becoming a different version of myself. The truth is no one really becomes a “better version” of themselves. We make promises a lot of the time we have no intentions of keeping.

Only the few hyper determined individuals really keep those “resolutions”. Most of us settle for try again next year, I didn’t want to do that to myself. I also didn’t want the expectation of failure for not following through to haunt me. So, I had said fuck you New Years resolutions while I watched my social media feeds fill with determined folks who wanted to start over. I just wanted and still want to slide into new years kind of slowly. Yes, I have goals with the year. But, if I’m talking about them too much I’m not actually doing them.

However, spirit or source whatever the fuck you want to call it always has plans to make you change you mind.

I went to my local grocery story and ran into this woman who was obviously not having a good start to her new year, the exchange went something like this:


“I hate having to walk all the way to the end of the store to get something. Woman while aggressively pointing at store workers yells at them to get a manager, She proceeds to look at me who was unfortunately standing behind her. Not only did I have to smell her aggressive second hand cigarette smoke perfume I had to now listen to her. “Aren’t you bothered by this?!” She is equally yelling at me now to participate in being angry over nothing.


I said, No I’m not bothered by this, I’m bothered by you. You’re blocking the self check out line and I’d like to leave. It was in this moment that I realized what my word of the year should be if I was going to have one at all. It was going to be “unbothered”. I don’t want anyone stealing my peace that has no rights to my peace. If, they are taking it, then it is my fault. I’m participating in their shit show behavior and that most stop. I didn’t want to be apart of her shit show or anyone else who give me anxiety. I wanted to be free, relaxed and happy.

So, that is what I’m going to strive for this year, the year of being “unbothered”. Will this always work out? Maybe not, but I don’t have the pressure to radically change myself into something that will only temporarily work out, we are after all creatures of habit.

I encourage you to find your own word of the year that helps you become more of yourself and who you already are.

Happy New year guys.


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