Thank You Joy For Bringing The Blog Joy.

January 4th, 2021

Our supporter post for this month goes to this beautiful soul. Thank you. If, you donate to the blog I’ll be shouting you out and giving a mini reading for you as well. So enjoy Joy. You are the first official donor to the blog and I wanted to celebrate you. Below is YOUR Mini Reading.

Remember ya’ll stay safe it’s a fucking jungle out there.


Donations to the blog keep it running and give you a free mini reading and a shout out on the next blog post. Thank you for coming to my corner of the internet.


Supporter of the blog:

First off hello dear,

How are you doing? I hope this little snap shot finds you well and that things are going well in your life. Before you begin reading the rest of this I want you to practice getting your self grounded. Take a nice deep breath in starting in one, two, three. Deep Breath in and out.

Now, that we are all settled lets get into the reading shall we?

The deck I’m using is the Nomad tarot deck. This is one of my preferred winter tarot decks since it’s basic with the black and white themes and always helps me with giving messages of hibernation of this time of year. This is not an affiliate link but, sometimes in my blog posts there will be. Below is just a link of the deck. The guide book link is an affiliate link to, when you purchase from my link you not only keep the blog alive but, you’re supporting a local bookshop in your community. only works with local retailers and small businesses. A portion of your money goes back to the small local cozy book stores we all love and know. So, I’ll encourage my readers from time to time to shop a local book store, or support an indie deck creator.

These are your cards. I usually only pull one from the deck but, spirit had other plans and two jumpers popped out. If, the cards jump and I’ve already pulled for myself these are for you.

Alright girl, let’s take a deep dive into these cards.

Number one: The Star

The star finds a way with us and wants us to explore our inner divine feminine side. She’s also the lure of spirituality and she wants you to explore it, this moment will bring you a lot of new depths to your spiritual life and this cycle you are on. Expect things to become more enriching in your psychic abilities. Now is the time to own that witchy side of yourself! If, you are wondering if now is the time to take the deep dive IT IS! DO IT. Your spirit guides kinda took over the reading and came in loud and clear as I focused more on your picture and your energy. This is your message from them: Your guides are calling and are whispering all around you. You have found yourself in a tight spot recently and rest and a reset is needed don’t burn yourself out with your over enthusiasm to do all the things take things slowly with your spiritual journey, you have time. Your spirit guides aren’t going anywhere.

Card Number Two: Judgement

The Judgement card sits and waits for you to move out of your own way girl. This is where we need to step away from our patterns of inner dialog that do not help you or serve you. There can not be doubt in your work, your intentions will be off, also we can not use “doubt” as an excuse to not do work. Your spirit guides are waiting and ready for you to do more with your higher self. I see you going down a road and needing to ready yourself to let go. This is a fork in the road and before you is the choice to embrace more of your intuitive thought process and the other side of the work is the way things have always been, either way your spirit guides shout : We walk with you in both directions, but we are ready to guide you to do more. Again they have taken over the ending of your mini reading here.

They are waiting and ready to work with you. I hope you enjoyed this mini reading, if you would like a more in depth reading this can be arranged please let me know. Feedback is always welcome and if you need anything I’m around, questions, comments or concerns.

I’m wishing you the best day.

Thank you for the support!


A special note to my readers if you would like to book a passive video reading you may do so on the shop portion of my website.


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