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Welcome to my gift guide for the holiday season. Are you still stressed on what to buy that spiritual witchy friend? Maybe you guys don’t vibe that way and you still want to show the support for the witchy friend that makes your day. I’ve got you hands down all the things the witchy, tarot card slinging friend/person in your life would love with links. Some of these shops will be small shops on etsy, or just shops I happen to love on Instagram that I have personally gotten goods from.

When I can I love to shop local or support small. This is not to say I always do this. I confess I do not. But, I’ll never recommend a place I don’t vibe with. This is includes the dollar store because sometimes we’re being “witchy on a budget” and such is life. Am I right?

If, I find good stuff I try to instantly let you guys know through my Instagram stories, so if you are not following me on social media. You definitely should be.

Of course I think I should introduce my business first since my Instagram is linked down below and this is my website. So, hey, I’m Lexi creator of this blog space and head witch in charge of my spiritual community “The Witches Circle” a spiritual hub you didn’t know you need. I try and help my clients as much as I can. But I noticed people really need a collective space to have reminders and connect to their spiritual side but, with a person that holds them accountable for it. So, the circle was born. Here I provide full moon reiki and a reading on the date of the full moon, an intuitive journal, group monthly forecast for your zodiac sign ( I focus on the sun sign), a book club because not all things need to come from me, and I love sharing my resources with you guys, as well as a mash up hybrid of shamanic and witchy meditation journeys that go with the theme of the month. I love this space I’ve created here and the realization we can be our best selves when we focus and provide time to ourselves to have spiritual growth.

I’ve also been providing psychic and spiritual services as a professional inside different containers for three plus years now, you name it I’ve probably done it, tarot readings, Akashic records readings, reiki energy healing, past life readings, twin flame readings, I commune with dead people via a spiritual séance’ reading, I’ve also worked with crystals and incorporate them into my personal and client lead healing practices, I’m a channel of light language, and love using it. It’s my secret sauce to energy healing and is an intuitive practice I truly believe I was born with. I’m currently working on different projects that feed my soul like my poetic writing , I’ve made my poetry into serialized writing format on kindle vella and I highly recommend you checking out the platform it’s the best way I think to consume indie writing. The first three episodes are free and a tarot deck called The Night Witches Tarot, that is scheduled to come out sometime 2022. I’ll be giving firm updates via this blog soon. I hope you enjoy this blog post and please consider supporting one or all of the witchy woman lead businesses here.

If, you have questions about my services or booking a private reading or joining the witches circle for $10.00 dollars a month please reach out to me via email at whatsinthebrew@gmail.com


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The Small Business Support

So, let’s get back to the gifts shall we? Below I’m going to start with my favorite Instagram shops and small businesses, and service providers I have used their magic personally and it works. I’ll be introducing you to three small shops as well as my own shop to help give the gift of magic this holiday season or just support at anytime woman lead witchy businesses.

Okay, Let’s get into this shall we?

First one’s first is Nancy from sfspirithouse on Instagram, she is a beautiful spiritual life coach, and indie deck maker, you can find her two decks, Soul Journey and Dependent Voice to be great spiritual tools to add to your collection. Maybe tarot or just generally being open to the journey of spiritualism is hard to come to terms with. Soul Journey is a meditative deck that helps you uncover that special part of you. Dependent voice was a deck that helps you connect with your psychic abilities and listen to your dead people. She’s wonderful and I’ve worked with her on many spiritual and non spiritual projects, give her decks a try this season.

Her links and social media will be available below.

Looking for more spiritual tools like crystal’s, gems, and general house hold vintage goods? This magical creator Amber from Wild Nocturna over on Instagram has all the good things for you. Definitely a must of an online shop to visit anytime, not just during the holiday season. I’ve personally bought her candles, and crystals and I’ve never had a bad vibe from anything I’ve bought. She’s also expanding to a motivational business coach soon, so, be sure to follow her Instagram’s and check out her space. If, you are an animal lover this also might be the space for you as she posts a lot about her animal sanctuary she is starting to build now. Give her a shot there is something truly magical and inspiring about her account. The crystal’s always feel amazing, her wild nocturna sales account on Instagram will be linked below. She posts flash sales on her and they are amazing.

My last spiritual lead witchy business creates Besitos & Giggles all kinds of super cute nick knacks that I love, she celebrates her heritage and makes these beautiful witchy stickers that are the perfect little gift, for baby witches in your life, or just to decorate your new spiritual journal. She’s a beautiful artist and she even created her own wrapping paper this holiday season full of amazing witchy aesthetic. How cool is that?! Check out her latest Instagram posts and give her a follow.

I hope you enjoyed this little spiritual Instagram round up, if these do well, I’ll share more beyond “blogmas”. I hope however you celebrate your holiday season, it brings you some joy and peace.

PS: Pen Pal Question: What is your favorite holiday drink? I’m a traditional basic witchy bitch eggnog type and if it’s got a little Irish whiskey in in I won’t complain. Comment on the blog what your favorite is, I love hearing from you guys and if you have supported any of these shops in the past let me know.

Stay Social Friends:

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