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Hey Readers and Witches,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2.

Ha! Look at me keeping up with my blogmas schedule already. I’ve been thinking alot lately about gifting, but not gifting materialism to people this year. This year I want to give more of my time. It happens to be the most precious gift I have. But, I also want to be able to give people a little sense of peace. I’ve done ASMR podcast epsiodes in the past and people would always comment that they loved them, that the episodes helped them go to sleep at night and find some rest.

So, while we are all so busy this holiday season I invite you to a peek of what I do. Give the video a listen, try to relax, set the tone for yourself by laying down, finding the time to do this.

Then listen, just listen, nothing else is required of you during this time and space. Comment and let me know if this helped. How are you day is going. I hope well.

Happy Blogmas!


Stay social friends

My biggest change of the year

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Hello to all who venture to come towards this haunted, tarot card slinging, romance seeking table. I'm happy to have you here, in this space. This is my first venture with romance writing and I'm so excited. Usually you can find me slinging tarot cards for clients, but I've long since had a love for romance books. My guilty pleasure to escape. However, I'm finding that my ideal characters are no longer found in books and have been found within me. So, come here for blogs, and seek peaks into my books. Occasionally, I might also post collective energy tarot readings. As that is my profession. Needing a personal tarot reading? Please see the shop

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