Fear and Romance

Just fucking kiss already…

Dear Reader,

I don’t honestly expect a lot of people to read this blog. In fact I hope they don’t in a silly way. You see I’m changing things up from what I typically do. I’m starting my career path over. I’m focusing more of it on my writing. What that journey is going to look like. To be honest, I’m scared. Now I’m not scared to write. I’m scared I might actually be okay at it. That people will like what I have to say. That shit right there is a fear I’m going to try and conquer.

You see I fell in love with romance writing and just the genre in general years and years ago. It’s kinda my thing. At least I hope it will be. I’m finally giving Elle and Rain and a chance.

They’ve had a steamy shifter romance in my mind for years. Now, time to bring them to realty as much as I can.

Wish me luck!

You might also find some of the following in my book or on my blog.

  • Witchy stuff as my main occupation is reading tarot cards
  • Mentions of my podcast I do have one! Listen here:
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I’ll probably be changing that podcast around too as things evolve and move towards something more special. Thank You for coming along this very special ride with me. Lets see what the day will bring us. I honestly don’t know. But, I’m excited.

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Hello to all who venture to come towards this haunted, tarot card slinging, romance seeking table. I'm happy to have you here, in this space. This is my first venture with romance writing and I'm so excited. Usually you can find me slinging tarot cards for clients, but I've long since had a love for romance books. My guilty pleasure to escape. However, I'm finding that my ideal characters are no longer found in books and have been found within me. So, come here for blogs, and seek peaks into my books. Occasionally, I might also post collective energy tarot readings. As that is my profession. Needing a personal tarot reading? Please see the shop

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